Video is it all, you hear it over and over. But does an organization necessarily have its own YouTube channel and regularly produce new videos? YouTube is not just about uploading funny / educational videos. This platform offers great opportunity for video marketing.

Your YouTube channel and your account are two different things. Have you accidentally created a double account and do you want to delete your old account? It is not possible to delete your YouTube account. Your YouTube account is attached to your Google account. Our advice is to temporarily disable the account or to 'hide' the videos themselves.

Your channel name is Important
YouTube as a search engine may not be the first association you have with the video platform. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google and is widely used to answer questions. According to the latest figures, YouTube has 2 billion users worldwide and 73% of adult users use YouTube in USA. That is why choosing a right name for your channel is important.

Create Quality videos
Do you want to make a video for YouTube or are you an organization who want to outsource that for your brand enhancement? There are video marketing and production companies to help you with that. Create a content plan for new videos, optimize the videos better enhancement and reach your targeted audience.

Give your full Attention
Make sure there is no dust on your YouTube channel. Monitor both the YouTube advertising budget and the goals. Check if you get comments on your videos. You can remove unwanted comments. Also handy: appeal your viewers to subscribe your YouTube channel.

“Subscribe to my channel for more of these videos. It is free!"

Uploading New Video on YouTube

  • You need a Google account to be able to put a video on the website.
  • Click the 'Upload' button next to the search bar of the YouTube website.
  • Find the video file you want to upload.
  • Click on 'Open' and wait for the file to be uploaded.
  • Fill in the information of the video as completely as possible, such as title, description, labels and transcript.
  • Specify in the settings whether you want to allow comments on the video and whether the video can be embedded.
  • Finally, watch the video for verification.

Use playlists
You can create a playlist in YouTube after you have placed a video. You can add a video to a new or existing playlist. Such a list consists of videos that you have uploaded yourself, but also videos of others. The advantage of this? When people have watched your video and it has ended, they will get suggestions for other videos. By creating a list, these are shown and you keep the people in your channel from seeing a random video. It is also useful to enable the 'repeat' function when the video has ended, at least if you embed your video on your website.

Create banner image for YouTube
Enlist a designer to create your social media graphics and have a beautiful branded banner in the right dimensions made for your YouTube channel. Make sure you place the most important information in the middle of the banner so that it can be seen on all desktops.

Remove video from YouTube
Sometimes a video is no longer up to date and you want to add a new version to the channel. To remove the old version, log in to the video manager. Then select the videos you want to delete using the checkboxes to the videos. Click on 'Actions' and then on 'Delete'. After confirming, the video, or its videos, has been deleted.

More tips about YouTube?
Let's start with the fact that of course you don't have to, but you are reading this article for a reason so you probably want to start a YouTube channel. Or at least you think about this. Very good, because video is something that has become increasingly important in recent years. That will become even more important in the coming period. So if you have not started video yet, then it is high time to do this!

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Misty Jhones