There are many business opportunities in India, and one of the fastest growing Industries is the vocational training and jobs training Industry. Franchising is one form of business prospects and it could be wise idea to invest into existing brand and yet be an entrepreneur.
One can be a business partner with the leading brands through franchising methods and avail all benefits as per management and knowledge requirements that are important to set up the business and provided by the franchiser in the initial start of the business. This way an entrepreneur can begin one’s own business in training and make investments for long term returns.
However, to invest in this sector there are few factors that need to be considered by the entrepreneurs such as which is the fastest expanding franchising brand, what are the supports management and capacity building initiatives provided by the business partners, other terms and conditions etc.
One has to do these few researches in order to know and understand how to make a strong base for the business and develop a vision for long term investment and stability. Most importantly, one should have a passion towards the business rather than expecting mere profits at a given time.
i360 staffing and training solution is one of the leading franchises in India and it has 60 centers across 25 states. i360 was formed in the year 2008 and since then the journey of expansion have been growing. The core of this success has been the commitment to high quality training, customer service and fair price.
i360 philosophy is to understand that it is extremely important that the business plan for a franchiser must address the issues of revenue maximization at franchisees without discounting the quality parameters. i360 association with their partners start even before the contract is signed. Once the contract is signed formally, i360 team starts handhold the partner for ensuring the development of solid foundation for business to operate.
If you have a passion for setting up your own training business then i360 is the choice for you. i360 provides courses and training programs in the field of Vocational, Institutional and corporate training jobs. i360 ensures that the partner is ready for a sustainable business growth, it initiates end to end needs from the very start to make sure that the business takes off on an even footing and to supports the business partners in every mode.
Their service projects from market survey to identify key localities, institutions, and to understand business environment, facility layout planning and infrastructure, administrative support from recruitment’s to quality manpower, up to end to end marketing support. i360 is looking for business partners who have the capacity to drive business into new heights. If you wish to start your own small home business without investment then i360 is the right partner for you.

Author's Bio: 

Mr. Deepanshu Khurana is the CEO of i360 Staffing & Training Solutions Pvt. Ltd. for last 20 months. He envisions i360 to become the most preferred vendor for all soft skills training needs.
His knowledge on Franchising, Channel Management, Sales & Marketing, Process Design & Development has helped i360 become a leading business skill training player in the segment. His people skills and hands on approach inspire the teams and bring best out of individuals. Apart from this, he is a keen strategist and believes that Execution is the key.