How to Behave When You Meet An Ex: How To Act When You See Your Ex For The First Time

Many of us have been in the situation of running into an ex, and not knowing how to react or what to say. There are some people who can run into an ex and be completely comfortable with it, because it might not bother them. For those of us who find ourselves in this sort of predicament, should know of a few ways we can handle this situation in a pleasant manner.

Stay Calm
Of course running into an ex is very uncomfortable, and can cause you to get anxious. The best way for you to handle this situation, is to stay calm and try to act normal. Do not let your ex know just how nervous you are, instead act as if it's not a big deal.

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Stay Confident
Always present yourself as if you are confident, this means even when you may not feel quite so confident. Keep it together, and behave as if you do not care that you are not together anymore. It is important to believe that you are capable of being strong while in front of your ex, even if you have no quite moved on.

Appear Happy
Never let you ex catch on to what you really are feeling. If you are not completely over him/her you should not show it in your appearance. Though you may be struggling with your feelings for you ex, make it appear that you are happy. There are many times that an ex might not want you to be happy, they would rather see that you are unhappy.

Act Natural
Though this can be a very hard thing to do, it is important to act as natural as you possibly can. Treat them as if they are a friend, rather than just your ex. Do not pay too much attention to them, and act as if you are just passing through. If you pay too much attention to them, this may lead them into believing that you are still interested in them.

Don't Be Mean or Rude
Though there may have been past events between the two of you, do not be rude or mean to your ex. Have some respect for him/her and be polite. Even as much as you might want to yell and scream at your ex, it is important to ignore that desire to do such things.

Don't Talk Long
Keep your conversations short, no need to talk for a long time. Do not let your ex bring up memories, if they do cut them off. Show your ex that they are no longer in your life, and you have moved on. Do this in a nice manner, and try to be as polite as you can.

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Stop Showing You Care
While it's normal to want to show your ex how you feel about them, it's time to stop. Showing them how much you love and adore them is only going to make you look desperate. By backing off some, this gives them the chance to miss you as well.

Ignore Them Sometimes
This can do good and bad depending on how often it's done. Ignoring them puts it in their head that you are over them, and this can drive them nuts and back to you. However, ignore them too much and they are going to back off and go somewhere else as well.

Gather Your Thoughts
Before you decide to start talking to them again after a breakup, take a few days or weeks to gather your thoughts. Are you sure you really want them back? Is it going to be worth it being with them again or are you honestly better off without them?

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Improve Yourself
This can be something like letting your hair grow or getting it cut shorter. Change your style and wardrobe, lose some weight, and even change how you act a little. Being more confident in yourself is going to make them see a whole new you and they are sure to want you back if you have changed a few flaws as well.

Stop Begging
This is the most important thing to do. Stop begging your ex to take you back.not only does this make you look desperate, but your ex doesn't have time to think about things and miss you.

Focus on Other Aspects of Your Life
Instead of spending so much time on your ex, take all that time and put it into something more valuable. If money permits, and there's been somewhere you've always wanted to go, take some time off of work or school and go. This allows you to see other things and not think about your ex all the time.

Turn the Tables
Knowing how the male psych works can help you trigger things that they want. You can learn what they want in a woman and once they see that you don't really care anymore, they are going to be rushing back to you as soon as they can.

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After a breakup, people have mixed emotions, and perhaps one of the most common ones is making your ex jealous. Maybe you're wondering just exactly how you are going to do this, and here are a few powerful and yet rather effective ways to achieve just that.

Have a Get Together with Friends
Having get-together's with friends and meeting new people will show your ex that you don't need them. The happier they see you without them, the more jealous they are going to get and want to get back with you in some cases.

Power of Ignoring
People hate being ignored, and your ex will for sure hate this, especially if they want you back. This can mean that when they call or text you, simply ignore it and don't pick up or reply. The more you do this, the crazier it is going to drive them.

Interact with New People
Meeting new people opens your chances of moving on faster without your ex. Meeting new people, even of the opposite sex, is going to surely make them jealous and you are going to be paying them less attention.

Making them Believe You Are with Someone New
If there is one thing that makes an ex jealous more than anything else, it's giving them the impression that you found someone else. They are going to be blowing up your phone even more so and will try even harder to get you back in their life. If you want them back, then this is a successful mission, but if you don't, ignore every effort they make.

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Randomly Bump Into Them in Public

Figure out where they are going to be one day and accidentally be there at the same time and run into them. Act as if you had no clue they were there. If it's a hangout that you would never go normally, avoid going there. Maybe find out when he's going to be at the mall and go with some friends.

Start taking interest in any of your close friend of opposite gender
Start talking and sharing stuff with one of your close friends of opposite gender. Just talk more and laugh with that special friend of yours, especially when your ex is around.

Ignore Invitations
If your ex wants to spend some time with you and asks you to go to dinner with them, even if you want to, tell them that you have plans with friends. The more you do without them and they know, the more jealous they are going to be. If you want them back as well, do this a few times and then go to dinner with them the next time they ask.

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If you have stayed single and your boyfriend has moved on and is dating someone else then you have a legitimate right to win him back. However, this calls for some planning and strategizing. Here is how you can approach the situation and finally win your lover back...

Be seen with and without your friends
There will be many that will advice you to stay away from him and forget him. However, disregard all such advice and be seen with your friends and at times alone. He has to notice you and feel comfortable to approach you. You have to make sure that the reconnection is smooth and without glitches.

Increase the temperature
Make sure that you look hotter than when you were a couple. He should have some incentive if he decides to get back with you. Change the way you dress and get back in shape and begin titillating his senses.

Befriend his new girlfriend
One cunning way of getting close to him is by befriending his new girlfriend. However, keep the relationship very platonic and don't get too involved in their personal affairs. The more you stay aloof the more they will share their problems with you.

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Discuss everything but your past
Don't give your ex's new girlfriend any tips on how to handle your ex. Let her discover it the hard way. You on your part should never discuss your past relationship with her or with your ex boyfriend. Let them know that you have moved on.

Get closer
Try and become their best friend and confidante. This way you will be privy to all the small details that are wrong with their relationship. Carefully capitalize on them without them noticing your agenda.

Achieve success
To make the point that you are far better than his new girlfriend, achieve success in whatever you do. However, remain humble and don't show off your achievements. He has to make comparisons and realize that you were a better girlfriend.

Tell him you still like him
As your friendship grows with the couple you will get enough chances to meet your ex boyfriend alone. Keep a close watch on him and in one of his weaker moments confide that you still love him. Tell him that you are willing to wait for him. He will give it a serious thought once he realizes that his new girlfriend is not as good as you were with him.

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