When you look at the very core of who you are and ask yourself why you believe you are worth less, what do you hear? What put this in your thoughts originally, and why is it there? For the doubt stems from somewhere, you didn't always believe less of yourself. At one point you created this perception of yourself. Others may have factored into this decision, usually this is how it works, for when others judge us, treat us a certain way, we tend to assume it is valid. This creates an emptiness where our self-worth used to be. We are not lacking in confidence, nor do we lack the ability to believe in who we are. We just, at one point, changed our minds about ourselves and diminished our self-worth accordingly.

To better understand this, go back in time to when you felt okay, acceptable, enough, when you felt you were everything you needed to be. Now go forward from there, when did it start to change, when did you change your perception of yourself? When or who made you feel differently? If we can imagine that our lack of self-confidence comes from only one moment in our lives, it is easier to undo. For at one point in time you saw yourself as enough, but then changed how you saw yourself. To reengage that feeling of self-worth, you must decide that you will not let that moment in time rule how you feel about yourself today. You will not enable some small moment in your past to create the person you are now. You must take back your self-worth by denying those old beliefs of who you were, for you have all the self-confidence you need; it is still there. Like a light switch, you can turn it back on; believe you can; believe in yourself. Let go of the belief created by what someone said or did. Release what happened in your past that holds no meaning over the real you. Let go of what you think you are, and instead, let yourself be the real you. Let go of the belief that you are not enough, for that was tied to your past and you can be different now.

Who we are today does not need to be a reflection of what we once were, but should instead be who we really are. The real us, our true self, never doubts who we are, our abilities, or ourselves. The doubt comes from an old moment that triggered a change in how we saw ourselves and that is all. See that moment for what it was, not the building blocks of who you are, but a singular moment in time. Do not identify yourself any longer by an old, misinformed personal decision. Change your mind about who you are; be the real you, confident, worthy, and accepting of who you are. The only thing you will lose is the emptiness because it will be filled once again with your self-worth.

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