Do you believe that you can succeed? Do you believe that you can reach your goals? That is probably the single most important question that you can ask yourself, because if you don't believe in your own abilities, you are always going to struggle to reach your goals. Your success in life - regardless of your goals - starts with your belief that you can succeed. Here is how to believe that you CAN succeed at reaching your goals.

The problem is that doing something new, reaching out towards a new goal or a new dream, can be scary. All sorts of thoughts and emotions come up and distract you from reaching your goal. You begin to experience doubt, worry, and confusion. You wonder if you are really capable of reaching this goal. This starts a downward spiral that keeps you from ever having the belief in yourself that you need.

But you can change that!

Start by looking at your goal and asking yourself these questions:

1. Has anyone else ever done this before?

Chances are that someone, somewhere in this big world, has achieved something quite similar to what you want to achieve, right? So that means that your goal is doable! You are capable of achieving the same things as most of the people on this planet.

2. Have you ever done something similar?

If so, great! You have already proven to yourself that you can learn new things! If not, you have probably already accomplished some amazing things. Did you learn to ride a bicycle? Drive a car? Balance a checkbook? Use a computer? All of those are amazing skills! Now you simply 'learn' the new skills that you need to reach your goal. Reviewing your past successes is often a great way to build up your belief in yourself.

3. Why do you want it?

This is a big question, but if you want to know how to believe that you can succeed, you have to be able to answer it. If you have a strong reason why you want something, your belief that you can succeed is strengthened. And the stronger your belief in yourself, the more you will be willing to do in order to realize your goal.

Believe in yourself and your 'self' will never let you down! Know that there will be ups and downs in the road toward your dreams, but also know that as long as you keep moving forward you will eventually get there!

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