Mindfulness. We’ve all heard or read about it, and the immense benefits it can have on our lives such as relaxation, building focus and improving health. However, how to best learn mindfulness is a subject of some debate, so here we’re going to give you some tips on how you can easily bring this positive habit into your life, starting today.

What is mindfulness though?

Before we understand how best to learn mindfulness, let’s stop for a moment and take time to reflect on what mindfulness is. Actually, THAT is mindfulness … the ability to stop, pause and reflect ‘in the moment’. To take time out from the rush of our daily lives, have a dedicated time to ‘break off’ (even if only for a few minutes) and just to catch ourselves, especially our minds, from racing away with the hustle and bustle of life.

This phase is known as ‘being mindful’, and is often helped immensely by meditation. Guided meditation is perhaps the best way to learn mindfulness, whereby you are taken on a timed period to stop, pause and reflect by an app, in a class, or a personal guide or instructor.

What are the benefits of mindfulness?

Mindfulness and meditation has been proven to improve health in many ways, such as :-

● reduced stress
● calmer emotions
● improved sleep
peace of mind
● higher concentration levels

So what is the best way to learn mindfulness?

Look, we’re all about convenience these days, aren’t we? We want things now, we don’t want to spend time learning before starting, and we don’t want any hassle making plans or travelling to attend classes, right?

So, why not try a mediation app like Mindz to learn mindfulness?

Here’s the benefits of using an app for mindfulness, rather than an alternative such as a class.

1. Low barrier to entry - you can use the app anytime, anywhere without any previous learning or experience of meditation
2. Cost - no expensive fees for tuition, travel to classes etc.
3. Guided journeys and courses of different types of meditation to improve specific aspects of health (e.g. breathing)
4. Practical - no special place or equipment needed, though headphones are ideal, but you could even meditate on your journey into work!
5. Progress is tracked automatically
6. You can learn and progress at your own pace, once a day, once a week or however fast or slow you choose

Why you should try a mindfulness app TODAY

In addition to being the best way to learn mindfulness, a mediation app can be downloaded and used instantly - like today! Best of all, most mediation and mindfulness apps include free content so you can try before you buy with no risk

So why not download today, and start being more mindful right now?

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