Its human truth that a boy infant is more close to his mother, and a girl is more close to her father. Yet, many a time, a father doesn't find to invest the time correctly, building a big gap between his relations with his girl.

People mostly take it as a responsibility to secure your family and cater to your healthy relations. So, below we have gathered some valuable tips that will help to boost your love and improve the relationship with your two-year-old girl.

Wake Her up: What was the last time you enter your girl's room and wake her up? That's the point where you start building the gap. For you, it's not more than 10-15 minutes of our day, but for a 2-year old girl, it's the wake-up moment when she finds her father to wake her up and make her feel comfortable with you. This way, not only you become an incomparable part of her life but will build a healthy relationship together.

Gift Here on Every Special Moment: For a 2-year old girl, unexpected and surprising gifts matter more than anything else. You should find some best toys and gift ideas for your girl and make her feel special. Now, there are countless gift ideas for 2-year old girl, but which one your baby would love entirely depends upon you. If you know your child, it won't be a big hurdle anyhow.

Spend Your Significant Time with Her: A girl wants your time, nothing else. Yet, if you aren't able to deliver the same, it's complicated to maintain the relationship; you should spend your significant time with your baby girl and build the relationship stronger. Whether you are having your breakfast or your dinner, spending time together around the table will let her feel your necessity in her life. Your child will feel your absence, and that's what ensures you are having a strong relationship with your baby girl.

Avoid Using Gadget When you are With Daughter: Spending your time in whatsoever way is essential and evident. But this doesn't mean you try to spend the time together, but still indulged in your cellphone, tablet, or other electronic gadgets. This way, you are only pretending to be possessive, nothing else. Instead, you would be appreciated to move out of your digital life and dedicate your free time to your daughter. Enjoying time together is more important than attending any call/mail on off-business days.

Always remember, there is not a single father on the globe, who doesn't love his girl child. Instead, for a father, the girl child is always more important than his boy child. So, if you are a father and having a 2-year old daughter, this piece of content is especially for you.

The efforts you made today will become fruitful tomorrow. Believe it or not, your strong relations will become your strength.

So, what more you think to consider for a healthy relationship with your 2-year old daughter. Do put your comments and opinion in the comment box below.

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