We all come down with the occasional fever, flu, upset stomach or headache and you need to see a doctor but are unable to find the time. Now you can find doctors online and have an online medical consultation with just a few clicks on your smartphone. Some people are unsure about how telemedicine works as an online doctor appointment isn’t your conventional doctor’ visit or a physical consultation. Let’s go through the basics for a better understanding.
Can I find doctors online in Pakistan?
With an online doctor app you can book an online appointment with doctor and find best online Physicians near you. Telemedicine platforms such as My live doctors shortens distances and makes quality healthcare accessible to those who might not have access to it. You can look up your doctor by downloading the app on your smartphone for FREE and connect instantly to them online! Registration is FREE too! If you can’t manage to see a doctor then this is a very convenient way to get expert medical advice on the go!
After signing up, you can either schedule a clinic visit with a Physician near you or book a tele-appointment with doctor in Lahore or anywhere in Pakistan. Whatever suits your convenience. You can connect with Board-certified doctors within minutes and if necessary then get a prescription online and schedule a follow up visit too! Experts say that more than 80% of health problems that do not require emergency care can easily be treated online. You can even send a photo directly to the doctor for a more accurate evaluation and diagnosis.
Do you need a prescription but want to bypass the long waiting hours at a clinics, book a GP appointment online. It’s quicker, cheaper and easier! Find best doctors online in Lahore, Karachi or anywhere in Pakistan and check out the different doctor profiles and patient reviews too. The online doctor appointment booking system is a great way to address those urgent health problems that pose as a concern but do not require emergency care. If your medical condition cannot be treated online then your online doctor will ask you to a visit a nearby medical facility for further evaluation.
There is a range of affordable online medical services and online health services that you can avail from telemedicine platforms such as My Live Doctors. Telemedicine has made quality healthcare more accessible to people living in rural and remote areas. Individuals with chronic conditions like hypertension and diabetes can be tele monitored through mobile devices too. You can record your blood pressure readings and blood sugar readings on the telemedicine app itself. This data can be shared with other healthcare providers as well and can only be accessed by you. It’s a safe and secure online space that takes the doctor patient relationship to another level. An app like MyLiveDoctors is a reliable way to connect with online medical experts and allows you to be in control of your health! For more details please visit www.mylivedoctors.com.

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I am skilled physician with 5 years of experience in obstetrics and gynecology.