Your creativity is something that needs nurturing to blossom. From sleeping better to stepping outside, here's how to boost creativity according to science.

"I'm not much of a creative person." Many people don't think they are creative, especially individuals who think of themselves as more left brain type people. Even people revered for their creative skills sometimes feel as if their creativity well has run dry.

So what can a person do when they've hit a creative wall? There are countless techniques for improving creativity, many of them proven through scientific studies. Read on for how to boost creativity through five science-backed methods.

1. Sharpen and Practice Your Pattern Recognition Skills

Recognizing patterns in what we observe is something we do all the time without even realizing it. We recognize patterns used in sitcoms and drama television shows, and even in recipe instructions. This observation and recognition practice can help foster and improve our creative skills.

You can sharpen these skills in a variety of ways. You can study art or practice math - pick up a Sudoku workbook! Playing chess and doing puzzles can also help enhance your pattern recognition.

2. How to Boost Creativity through Exercise

Exercise keeps you fit, can help you sleep better, and now, it can even help foster creativity. A quick session of heart-pumping physical activity can help you get out of a creative rut. Scientific studies have proven that there's a connection between physical activity and enhanced cognitive processing.

You don't have to take a hardcore boot camp class at your local gym. A brisk walk outside may be enough to help get your creative juices flowing. And even if it doesn't give you an immediate creative boost, a little exercise can go a long way for your mental state in general.

3. Set the Mood for Creativity

If you've been staring at a blank canvas, word document, or PowerPoint presentation in silence, that may be your problem. Silence, that is. While quiet can be beneficial for concentration and problem solving, it can often hinder creativity.

Listening to music can change your mood, energize you, and inspire you. It can also help loosen your brain's grip on a specific thought, freeing your mind to explore other, new ideas. Experiment with different music and then curate your own playlists that you can rely on whenever you hit a rut.

4. Give Your Brain the Rest it Needs

Often we hit creative ruts when our bodies or brains are run down. Invest in your rest by committing to a bedtime routine, creating a peaceful sleeping space, and using a quality pillow like the copper pillow. During the day, be open to taking short breaks to give your brain a rest by doing nothing at all.

5. Boost Creativity by Being Creative

There are countless benefits to expressing your creativity in different ways. By allowing yourself to be creative with no expectations, you can open your mind up to see the bigger picture. Consider stepping away from the project at hand to draw or paint freely, and when you return to your task, you may have a more open and energized mind.

Learn More About Enhancing Creativity and Productivity
Knowing how to boost creativity when you're in a rut can help you become more productive and result in great work. There are many other things you can do to improve your mental state and the quality of your work. Browse the blog for tips ways to improve academic performance, best manage your time, and more.

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