Building a relationship is easy, but maintaining it can be difficult. Some people say that only in the month of acquaintance can you experience love. Like many other people, you probably think that intimacy is all about having sex. While these two behaviors are complementary, they are not the same. Intimacy involves emotional connection, trust and acceptance. It also includes caring for each other and sharing your weaknesses, thoughts and wishes. This behavior can be broken down into four forms: physical, sexual, sensual, and emotional intimacy. For example, people become intimate when they hug and kiss. All of these forms of intimacy are necessary and need to be strengthened. Below is a discussion on how to enhance them with some exercises.

Share experience
The wishes you share belong to those with whom you have a good relationship. You probably talk to your partner several times a day. However, you may not tell your partner about your experience when the two of you talk. Not telling them about your experience is not good, especially when you are both trying to get closer. Therefore, you should be cautious when telling your partner about your experience. It would be best if you also encouraged your partner to talk about their experiences. You should also make sure you're both paying attention. For example, when one person is speaking, the other person should listen carefully and not disturb the speaker. After one partner finishes speaking, the other should share phrases of love and support. You should also ask follow-up questions.

Meditate together
According to research, co-meditating can bring about a sense of intimacy and a desire to reveal intimate things. So when you meditate with your partner, you become closer to them. Meditating with your partner can also help you clear your mind, deal with negative emotions, increase your creativity and increase your awareness. Along the way, you'll discover the best ways to relate to your partner. To experience all these benefits, you need to sit face to face with your partner and meditate together. You can hold your partner's fingers and breathe in sync, or pair your inhale with your partner's exhale. You should also set a timer while you meditate. Doing this will encourage you to focus on your meditation, as you will realize that you have only been meditating for a while. It is good to close your eyes and meditate in a quiet environment. Closing your eyes will help you focus on your inner self and your relationships. After both of you have finished meditating, you should share how the meditation has affected you.

Watch a romantic movie together
You and your partner may have different schedules, so you go to bed at different times. While this may seem okay, it can reduce your intimacy. To make sure you become closer, try going to bed at the same time as your partner and watching a romantic movie together. Reflect on your experiences in the film and embrace each other. Doing this may involve making changes to your daily routine or encouraging your partner to make changes in theirs. Going to bed together allows the two of you to have intimate conversations without being interrupted by other people. For example, you will have the opportunity to express your feelings to your partner and vice versa.

Check out dating sites together
If your life becomes boring and flat, you can refer to some dating sites. There can be some assessments in it. As a couple, you can take a love language quiz to understand each other's love language. If you are open enough, some threesome dating sites can also be a reference.

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