Putting the ‘best of hires’ together doesn’t mean that the organization output would be off charts! Yes, talented employees contribute significantly to performance boost. But, organizational performance is also hinged on one another major factor that just might triumph the individualistic performance parameter in determining overall business output.

Workplace efficiency or simply put, the work environment! This not only includes the work atmosphere or the culture that employees are subjected to while working, but also the systems and the infrastructure these employees use. Slow, backdated solutions, IT systems would frustrate employees and would never give the desired output no matter how effective and hardworking the employee is. Again, bad culture can spoil employee motivation to break their boundaries and work according to their true potential. Yes, the reasons are both physical (solutions and systems) as well as non-physical (workplace culture, management behaviour, etc). Needless to mention, management of all the physical and non-physical factors to determine the best organizational performance is a quite daunting task and is a requisite for the firms of today to partner with effective performance management consulting companies or advisors to freely offload these responsibilities and concentrate more on core strategic and business objectives. Here are some ways to boost workplace efficiency and ensure that employees deliver their best—

Collaborative and Workflow Management Systems
Proper streamlined IT systems, solutions for effective collaboration across all departments are one of the biggest factors to boost workplace efficiency. No more running across corridors, searching people or manually talking with them. Through the usage of simple cloud-based solutions, employees from various factions can connect, discuss, and collaborate to provide the desired result. This saves time and boosts productivity. Workflow management solutions and tools are also quite commonly adopted by multiple companies. These allow managers also to have proper visibility on the individual, departmental, and sectional performances and take data-driven decisions

Reward Systems
Rewards and gifts, as always have been a major employee and workplace productivity increase factors. With sufficient systems in place to track employee productivities, tally them with KPIs, and a lot more work-related data, management teams can easily create reward programs to award the best performing employees. This can create a healthy competitive environment and help workers to transcend their boundaries and enhance overall business productivity.

Uniform Visibility of Goals
What is an employee working on? What result will it yield? How will it affect business goals or departmental goals? Employees must have proper visibility on what their daily work would lead and what’s the bigger picture? Occasionally, many workflow or performance administration systems also come equipped with relevant business goals, metrics, etc. Fixing goal targets can provide unique direction to individualistic as well as departmental operations that enhance overall workplace efficiency

Motivational Culture
One of the many things that performance management consulting firms focus on is in providing unique plans and strategies to create a ‘feel-good factor’ in the workplace. These advisors often run surveys among the employees in the workplace and try to gauge the common problems affecting their productivity and motivation. Accordingly, a plan could be chalked out to enhance employee motivation and work productivity. Creating a culture where TLs sit among their employees and not in separate rooms can be one example followed in multiple organizations. The idea is to not create a ‘system of employees’ but an ‘employee culture’ where workers are happy to come and work in the company every single day. A fun-filled job environment boost mental performance, cognition, collaboration, and a lot of other behavioural factors that have one of the most defining impacts on organizational productivity.

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