Have you ever wondered why you perform better with some work activities and yet procrastinate on others?

When your business is rapidly growing, it can be challenging to keep yourself and even your team consistently motivated.

Generic organizing techniques might work for a while, but they are often ineffective in the long run.

To get back on track, I recommend my clients look at their natural wiring. Your natural wiring tells you the environment in which you best thrive. When you know your most productive environment and how you stay engaged in decision making it enables you to be productive and focused on the very things that make your business profitable.

For example, one of my clients has a growing practice. By the sheer volume of the business, this created stress. This stress amplifies his wiring.

By his nature, he is an outgoing, communicative person. He will naturally gravitates toward those social interactions. However, secondarily he needs a sequential work environment.

At the end of the day, he wondered where the time went without getting some of the more revenue-generating activities complete. Every day, he would talk about what he wanted to get done. However, without a sequential structure to his work, he would get sidetracked. What was missing was the sequence in his work.

For his wiring, we mapped out a week, involving sequentially clustering and grouping certain work functions, like placing all of his client work or marketing on certain days. This sequential work environment gave him access to new levels of productivity that worked for him.

The key is to understand your own wiring so that you customize your work environment for maximum productivity.

Author's Bio: 

Lisa Mininni is the best-selling author of Me, Myself, and Why? The Secrets to Navigating Change and President of Excellerate Associates, and Founder of The Excellerate Success Institute, showing business owners how to automatically bring in pre-qualified prospects and turn them into invested clients. For her brand new eBook, Get More Clients Now! 3 Steps to More Clients, More Money, and A Business You Love, visit http://www.freebusinessplanformat.com