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Is it really possible to get rid of a nasty habit? The truth is yes. In fact, according to experts, as long as you stick to your commitment, you can already say good-bye to it in as short as 21 days or around a month.

Know, though, it isn’t going to be easy. However, if you keep in mind the following tips, it may just turn out to be a little walk in the park:

1. Make sure you’re aware of the bad habit. There are habits that you unconsciously do. That means you aren’t really sure if they are nasty or not. So before you try to change your behavior, identify which habits you want to get rid of. Then focus on each one of them. Remember, it’s not going to be easy. Removing them all together can be pretty daunting and something that’s close to impossible to accomplish.

2. Be reminded of it all the time. Don’t just let such commitment linger in your head. Put your goals into writing. You can then plaster them into your walls or keep a copy in your wallet. You can meditate on the subliminal messages until they get into your subconscious.

3. Ensure continuous motivation. At first things are going to be very hard you would definitely want to quit. Nevertheless, you can keep yourself motivated so you don’t end up quitting. Again, you can go back to the subliminal messages. You can repeat the following phrases:

I can do this.
I can definitely get rid of my bad habit.
I will say good-bye to the nasty behavior.
I have the power to break a bad pattern.

When you continuously repeat these, you will find yourself burning with the desire to press on toward the goal.

4. Check your support system. It’s vital that there are people who are willing to support you on your objective. These can be family and friends. They can keep track of your progress, always reminding you to set your sights on the goals you’ve developed. They can also talk their way when you will feel like giving up.

5. Create a diversion. By doing so, you can just take your mind off from doing a bad habit. For example, do you find yourself spending more time on the Internet than on the outdoors? Before it gets out of hand and be addicted to the World Wide Web, you better develop your diversion right away. You can enroll in a class or schedule some dates with friends.

6. Start slow. You really don’t want to do cold turkey with bad habits, because it usually causes you to return to it very soon. You may want to do the changing gradually. If you’re addicted to carbohydrates, you can start changing white breads with whole wheat. You can also use whole wheat pastas if you cannot avoid spaghettis. Instead of milk chocolate, you can opt for the dark one. Start brisk walking for at least 15 minutes a day until you can go to a half hour or even beyond that.

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