Mental blocks are a newfangled term synonymous with habit. The most vile habit is the habit of self-perception. Example.

At school, I had a difficult relationship with physical education lessons. I did not like skiing, football, other "...ball" and even skates. I did not love. So I grew up with the conviction that this is not mine. "We don't need this, we are not like that!"

And in Sloboda I had to ski regularly. And suddenly I realized that this is actually not only pleasant, but, it turns out, I'm great at it.

I deliberately used action breaking when I started doing strength training seriously. I really didn't like squats. I just couldn't stand it. But now I love it very much. Because "I love", "I do not like" is not an objective given, it is a subjective feature based on past experience. And not even on the experience itself, but on our attitude to it. We change the attitude - the vision of the world picture changes. Amazing.

The principle is simple: to get what you never had, start doing what you never did. This is called "going beyond your personality."

Personality is a set of habits built on a hereditary foundation. But any habits are very flexible things. We can create and destroy them. If we start to do something unusual, it is always difficult for us at first and we feel tension. And that's great. Because there is no strength without tension. Where there is no tension, there is no growth.

But we feel tension only at first. The psyche is like a ball, it rolls itself in the direction in which it was kicked. You gave yourself a magic kick, and then everything goes out of habit.

A habit has a material basis in the form of an established neural circuit. It takes up to 3 weeks to form. This period must be lived through, and then the once difficult action begins to take place by itself. Example.

When switching to winter time, I have to take on additional responsibilities: three times a day, the cow needs to warm water (about 20 liters). Considering that stove heating in the village is a serious problem. At first it is burdensome, it takes a lot of time, you don't have time for something ...

But then the moment comes when you realize that you have ceased to notice these "inconveniences". Because there are actually no inconveniences, there is just a habit of perception.

It's the same with taste preferences, with strength training, with anything ...

In order to break the mental block, you need to start doing what you think is stressful for yourself. And then you will see that this action in itself does not bother you at all. And that means that you have become stronger.

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My name is Rudiyr. I was born and live in Russia. I am engaged in giving advice to people on mental health, self-improvement and harmonious development. I am also the author of the course "Philosophy of Practical Natural Science". In it, I consider issues of health, positive energy balance of a person, energy sources for a person (sleep, nutrition, physical activity, creativity) and other aspects that allow a person to live happily.