How to Break the Ice with Your Ex: Re-Establishing Contact after No Contact

It probably feels like forever since you last enjoyed a regular fun conversation with your ex.
Your last conversation may have been the big break up or "it's over" conversation that left your heart broken. It's been a while and you are finally ready to contact your ex for the first time. You are probably nervous and afraid things will be awkward. You're probably wishing that you knew the right things to say to win your ex back. There's no real need to worry if you follow these three simple steps.

1. Plan ahead. Don't call cold turkey. If you call your ex without planning ahead, you may find that you're both stumped for things to talk about. This will create long awkward silences and make you both uncomfortable. Start by brainstorming at least a half dozen topics that you'll both be comfortable with.

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2. Don't sound desperate. Definitely don't talk about the fights you both were having towards the end of your relationship. Don't blame your ex or say anything negative about them. Don't beg and plead your ex to get back together. Keep the conversation up beat and avoid controversial topics.

3. End with an open invitation to talk more. At the end of the conversation when you are both saying your good bye's include some type of invitation to speak with them again. An example of this would be, "It was good to talk to you, let's talk again soon" or "Call me anytime you want to talk". Don't say anything pushy, but let your ex know in a subtle way that they are more then welcome to contact you again.

If you use these 3 easy steps, then the first conversation with your ex is sure to be a success.

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If your ex girl is steering clear of you and all of your friends, this can hurt especially if you want to show her you love her and try to fix things. Women are sensitive and if you are the one that made the mistake of breaking up with her, here are a few things that can bring her back and show your sincerity to her.

Show Her Love
Women love romance and compassion, so show her just that. While it can be hard to read what a woman wants, show her that you love her by maybe caressing her shoulder or her hair the next time you see her. Nothing drastic needs to be done, just start small.

Take Her Out
If she will allow you to, you can take her for a walk and just talk to her about random things. Don't push any topic that she doesn't feel comfortable with. Bonding time can always heal a broken heart.

Send Random Texts
If you want to show her you care about her still without even having to see her, you can send her a random text once or twice a week to let her know you are thinking of her. Sometimes, this can be the right trick to put a smile on her face.

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Show Her You Miss Her
By letting your ex girl see that you miss her, you are showing her that you still care and want to be with her. If you are the one who initiated the breakup, apologize and show her that you made a big mistake letting her go.

Date Someone
It's going to be hard to play both sides of the field, but it's going to keep her on her toes if you date someone. This doesn't have to be a real relationship, but if she thinks you are, she is going to be at your door.

Don't Fall for Games
A lot of women like to play mind games, especially if a man has ended a relationship. Try to see through her games and determine what she is thinking and wants from you. If she is only yanking your chain, hang it up and move on.

Enjoy Life
This is a great way to get your ex girlfriend curious as to why you are having such a great item without her when you want her back. The more curious she is, the more she is going to want to call and talk to you.

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You may have once had a fantastic relationship with your ex, but now it can seem like things will never work out. You may also feel that you should wait for your ex to come back because they are the right person for you. There are many feelings that you can experience when it comes to whether or not you should wait around for your ex.

How do you Feel Without Your Ex?
Take time to notice your feelings. There are many things to ask yourself to help you decide whether you should wait for your ex to come back. Question whether or not you still have strong feelings, or if you really need your ex in your life.

Do not let your pride get the best of you. If your relationship ended because things just did not go right, than you need to accept it. If you let your pride get the best of you, it can cause hurt for the both of you.

Does Your Ex Ask About You?
If you have noticed that your ex has asked about you, there may be a chance that they are still interested in you. If you are attempting to decide whether you should wait around, this can show you that you might have another chance. It is simply up to you to make the choice to wait for your ex to come back.

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Has Your Ex Moved On?
Keep your eyes opened to any signs that your ex has moved on. If this is the case, there may be no reason for you to wait around for them to come back. If your ex has already moved on and found someone new, there is less of a chance that they will want you back.

Is There Regret?
If a couple is planning to get back together, there has to be certain intentions by both people. If your ex is showing signs that they want to work things out and change what has went wrong, this could be a sign that they are willing to change in order to fix things. This is a sure sign that you may not have to wait too long.

How Does Your Ex React?
When you flirt with your ex does he/she flirt back? It is important to pay attention to reactions because this can show you if your ex is still interested in you. If you flirt and they do not flirt back, they could not have feelings for you anymore.

Has your Ex Changed?
Since your relationship ended before, this must mean that there are a few changes that need to be made. If your ex has not made any changes, than things could be just the same as they were before. It is important to make changes in order to pursue another relationship.

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Many people will continue to think about their ex long after the relationship has ended. You may want to know how to when him back, and how to prove yourself to him. There are many great ways that can help you automatically win your ex back. Pay close attention to some of the tips below and you will finally know what you need to do in order to pull your ex back fast...

Impress Him
You want to be sure that your ex will notice you. You can easily get his attention by getting fancy and dressing in something that is appealing. Wear something that is a little more edgy and is sure to catch his attention.

Play with His Head
Though you have dressed sexy to catch his attention, pretend that it wasn't for him. This will keep him wondering who you are trying to impress. He will become confused and start thinking about what he has let go of.

Be Interesting
Go out and have fun with your friends in places that you are sure to run into him. Take up activities that are interesting to catch his attention. When he begins to notice how interesting you have become, he will be longing to be with you again.

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Make Him Jealous
Start hanging out with new guys, and make sure he can see you with them. If he is really interested in you, he will not like that your with someone new. Find a guy that is extremely attractive and hang all over him in front of your ex.

Be Positive
Avoid being depressed and unhappy. Keep your thoughts positive and avoid the negative thoughts. Show him that you can still be just as happy on your own. If he has not found a new girlfriend, than you just might be in luck of being with him again.

Don't Give Him Too Much Attention
You want him to have a desire to be with you again. Keep wondering what exactly you are doing. Prove to him that he is not the only thing that is important to you, and that you can continue on with life independently.

Challenge Him
If you think he wants to be with you again, simply ask him. Tell him that you know you have learned from the past and hope he has as well. Let him make his own decision and if he really wants to be with you, he will.

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Now you can stop your break up or lover’s rejection...even if your situation seems hopeless! Visit How to Get Your Ex Back

There are specific techniques that will show you exactly what to do and what to say to get your ex lover back in your arms- Especially if you are the only one trying... Visit What to Say to Get Your Ex Back to find out more.

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