How to Bring a Woman to Orgasm With Your Tongue: How to Give a Woman Good Oral

The art of cunnilingus is something that men need to master. You cannot be born with the skills of pleasing a woman orally. This is something that you must go through practice to be amazing at. However, you don't want to practice on your woman and have her being turned off by your mistakes. This is why these tips are already laid out for you.

You are going to learn how to bring a woman to orgasm with your tongue and how you can be the best lover that she has ever had. You can be a master of cunnilingus and you can help her to reach climax from oral stimulation. It's time you learned exactly how to make this possible.

Learn this one technique -- simple and easy for any man to use -- and not only will sex be more pleasurable for you, but you'll instantly become a better lover than 90% of the rest of the guys on the planet. Here's how to have sex more often -- and have her thank you for it

In order to bring a woman to orgasm with your tongue, you need to train your body to touch a woman differently. For example, men are often used to using rough touches because that is what men like. Men like it rough but you cannot be rough with your woman. The female body is so different than the male's so keep this in mind. She won't respond well to you touching her in a rough fashion. Be sure that you are gentle with her body.

When you are going down on her, you want to use your tongue to do all sorts of things to her. You can lick her but that goes to be a bit boring and repetitive after a while. It is best to keep her interested and to keep her on her toes. You want to do this by giving her a variety of different stimulation. Use your tongue to lick her, to flick it against her and to do a variety of other things. The more you do, the more stimulation you give to her and therefore, the more you increase your chances of giving her an orgasm that will drive her wild.

It's time that you used these cunnilingus techniques on your woman so you can show her that you are a true master of the art of performing oral sex. You can give your woman out of this world satisfaction and you can send her into orgasm heaven. Instead of giving her mediocre pleasure, you are going to be able to blow her away and you are going to be able to do just that tonight. Use these tongue techniques on her and you will have her reaching climax in record time.

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It is in the variety of the positions that the excitement is maximum and so the multiple orgasms. There are no specified positions but it is the comfortable positions which help both partners to climax.

Different partners like different positions and they also like to intermediate it with some new styles occasionally. But the more popular styles are the ones we shall refer to here.

o The side position in which both partners lie on their sides facing each other while the man is inserted in that position.

This gives a feeling of lazy sex which is done at a comfortably slow, "not in a hurry" pace of movements. Both partners run their fingers over the body of the other as far as they can reach out. They also are at a level of comfort to kiss each other in a prolonged longing.

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o One of the other positions is when the girl is in sitting position on top of the man while he is in lying position. The girl positions herself so that the penis stimulates her g spot to give her maximum climax.

Positioned in this manner she is in total control of her movement to her satisfaction. This position enables her to have multiple orgasms.

o Another position is when the couple do it doggy style. That way the penis touches and stimulates the vagina at the g spot very comfortably and conveniently.

The woman too makes her contribution to the act by moving forward and backward for maximum stimulation.

o Another position that enables multiple orgasms is with the man in sitting position and the woman too in sitting position on top of the man.

Again the woman is in total control of this position for stimulation at the right spot. She can settle herself comfortably to have the penis touch and stimulate the g spot. This position helps her have the multiple orgasms she would like to have.

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If you are a man who would like to be able to give any woman GREAT SEX and totally sexually satisfy her, there are three big things you need to do.

In this article, you will discover what those three things are...

Here Are The 3 Things You Really Need To Master To Sexually Satisfy Any Woman

1. Your Sexual Beliefs

If you want to be a GREAT LOVER, you must have solid sexual beliefs.

Many men would like to sexually satisfy their women but they have beliefs that hold them back. For example, many men believe things like this:

- They are not 'big enough down there' to really give a woman incredible pleasure

- They haven't had enough sexual experience in order to know how to please a woman in the bedroom

- They can't last long enough to sexually satisfy a woman

Beliefs like that will prevent any man from being a good in bed.

So if you want to give your woman GREAT SEX, the first thing you must do is to truthfully identify your sexual beliefs and then throw away any lousy beliefs that you have and replace them with some empowering beliefs.

One of the best sexual beliefs that men who are great in bed seem to have is this:

"My greatest pleasure in life is to please my woman"

Feel free to adopt that belief because when you do -- you'll find a way to give your woman INCREDIBLE PLEASURE.

You don't have to be brilliant, good-looking, or well-endowed to have her think you're a sex god... you just have to be 'dumb' enough to follow these step-by-step instructions

2. Your Knowledge Of Female Anatomy And Sex Techniques

The second thing you must do in order to give your woman great sex is to gain some understanding of female anatomy and sex techniques.

You should know where your woman's Clitoris, G-Spot and Deep Spot are and all of her erogenous zones.

Once you know that, you can then start to use techniques like The Welcome Method and Deep Spot Method to stimulate those areas of your woman's body and give her mind-blowing ORGASMS.

3. Your Ability To Take Control In The Bedroom And Lead Your Woman

The third thing you must master in order to give your woman great sex is the ability to TAKE CONTROL and lead your woman through the sexual adventures that you share with her.

You see, woman are usually SEXUALLY SUBMISSIVE, meaning that they want to follow their man's lead. Therefore, you need to be manly and sexually confident in the bedroom and 'show your woman the way'. In other words -- you must be the boss in the bedroom.

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If you feel like your woman is starting to get bored with the old routine, chances are the end of your relationship isn't far off. Think of it this way: if you leave your girl unsatisfied, she'll probably be out there looking for someone who CAN satisfy her.

There is absolutely no reason why the average guy can't have his girl drooling at the thought of him, but it DOES pay to have a couple of handy sex tips up your sleeve to keep the girls coming back for more. Ah, but where to find such sex tips? That's really quite simple. Just keep reading to learn how to be an Adonis in the sack.

Top 5 Sex Tips To Make Her Climax - Give Her The Best Orgasm Ever!

Tip Number One: Spice it up. Do things that she won't expect, surprise her with a bubble bath or a new kind of underwear. Keep things interesting and you'll find that you'll keep her attention for longer, and increase her desire for you all in one go. Whatever you do, do not become predictable.

That is as good as a death sentence in the world of sexual dating.

If you are stumped coming up with ideas for places to go, find out from her! See if you can work out where her secret fantasies take place and take her there.

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Tip Number Two: Keep things fresh. One of the habits of old couples is to make sex a routine. Foreplay followed by sex followed by a shower. It gets to the point where you can predict where the sex will take place. The point of this tip is to avoid becoming a victim of routine.

Tip Number Three: Give her something to think about. Come up with exciting things to do to get your girl all fired up. Play dress up or put together scenarios. Try something new and see how she reacts. If she gets into it, then you know you've got a winner. If not, then either try another scenario/sex play or find a new girlfriend.

Tip Number Four: Develop your inner sex god. You might have heard of guys who can make girls climax simply by talking to them. Well, the truth behind it is ever so much more exciting, purely because of the simplicity of the technique. By using conversational conditioning, it is possible to make a girl climax at the mere sound of your voice.

Tip Number Five: Find out what makes her tick. Every girl out there has a secret sexual desire. These can be as mundane as having sex in a car to as wild as having threesomes with strangers. The trick is finding out what her desires are and then bringing them to the fore. Directly linked to this is her erogenous zones.

Work out where they are through simple soft, delicate touches, taking note of where she seems to moan the loudest. Once you find out where these are remember them and try them out one by one. If you do it enough, soon you'll have her entire body mapped out.

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