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Do you feel like the relationship is going nowhere? Would you like to save it? These tips don't offer any guarantee, but they are surely worth a try:

1. Talk things over.

Plenty of relationships are saved by just merely talking. What should you talk about? Discuss about the present situation. Acknowledge the apprehension and the issue. Unless one of you decides to do that, the relationship will just die its natural death. You need your partner to figure out what's possibly wrong and where the relationship is heading.

2. Recommit with each other.

If you're done talking and realize that you want to save the relationship, then both of you should make the commitment to just do it. It's not going to last a while longer if one of you exerts the most effort while the other does the receiving all the time. Make it a conscious team effort.

3. Go back to the old ways.

Sometimes all the relationship needs is a little reminder of the past. You may want to recall those instances when you feel so much love. Perhaps you can recreate it and see how things go. Normally the moment will also bring back the memories of the love you could be losing now.

4. Do something different.

There's also the possibility that both of you are trapped in a routine. When you do the same things over and over, the relationship will surely turn cold and boring. It wouldn't be long before one or both of you look for a sense of excitement someplace else.

Make it a habit to explore activities you haven't done before once in a while. Or you may go against your own personalities. For example, if both of you are pretty laid-back, you could opt for an adventure in the Amazon or somewhere in Latin America come summer. If you prefer going to the beach, you can head to Aspen for skiing during winter.

5. Be romantic.

How do you bring back the spark? Just be romantic. Leave special notes, have breakfasts in bed, go out on dates, or simply hug and kiss each other often.

6. Enhance your level of self-confidence.

Negative emotions and thoughts can wreak havoc into any relationship. If you are constantly jealous of your partner, you really cannot expect him to stay around for too long. He'll leave and find someone who's sure of herself.

It's time to double-check on your personality. Are you confident about yourself? Are you independent enough to not be too clingy or needy? Changing a bad habit or behavior doesn't happen overnight, but you can speed it up with subliminal messages.

Subliminal messages or affirmations can assist you in changing your manner of thinking. Consider the following:

I am sure of myself.
I am confident enough to stand on my own.
I am secure of this relationship and what I can give.
I am sure of my love for my partner.
I am my own person.

Repeat these subliminal messages. What do you feel? Surely you can sense empowerment, which you definitely need to be confident.

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