Do you want to bring more of what matters to you into your life? There is a tool to help you. What is the tool that will make a difference for you? Your own personal goals.

Setting goals helps you organize your life to accomplish what matters to you in your life. Once you have set goals, your desire to achieve those goals will help you to choose habits.

Your life is full of something right now!

Hour by hour, day after day, you’re spending your time. Sometimes wisely, aligned with the results you want. Other times perhaps not so much.

You’re spending your life. Here and there. In one way or another.

There will be times when you may feel that your life seems to have the ability to simply flow along.

It feels good when life flows, doesn’t it?

How to you bring more of that feeling into your life? Well, that feeling happens when you’re focused on doing the right things for you. And even more often when you’re doing them well. Other times you may feel time simply slipping away. Wasted.

How you spend the time of your life matters for getting that feeling! Setting goals, choosing habits, and following through in getting your time organized into the stuff that’s right for you in this phase of your life will help you get into the flow of life.

Why? Because investing your time is how you bring what matters to you into your life.

Setting goals can help you spend your time wisely. Goals help you to spend your time in ways that matter more to you. Attention to your own personal goals can turn each hour into an investment in yourself and what matters to you!

Setting goals involves realizing what’s important to you and what’s LESS important to you.

Goal setting helps you organize. It helps you choose your activities so that you can accomplish specific tasks. It helps you get closer to making what you care about happen. Goals help you choose steps that you’ll do over time. Goals orient you to what needs to be done to get the results you want.

Goals help you get control of your time. Getting control of your time helps you attract more of what matters to you into your life. It does this by helping you to identify and to take the actions necessary to take advantage of the opportunities that arise for you.

Opportunities that align with what you care about arise every day. When you’ve got goals, you pay attention to the opportunities that match your interests. You notice. When you notice, you’ve got a chance to benefit.

Setting goals can help you prepare to pull in what matters to you, and to PUSH OUT what’s got to go. Goals help you to benefit from what goes by that’s right for you.

You get 24 hours each day.

Goals help you make room, in your 24 hours, for what matters to you. It’s not easy. Focusing on one thing that’s important requires you to turn away from other things that you also find attractive. That pattern of turning away can be difficult. After all, you’ve got ways of doing things that have become habitual. Comfortable choices. Perhaps even preferable on any given day! Simply not your top priority. Not exactly what you want your life to be focused on.

Making room for what matters more requires hard work. That hard work involves identifying what matters some — yet less so than other things. Remember those 24 hours in a day? Well, there’s not room for everything, is there? The hard work is that of saying “No!” to it, when you need to.

When you set goals and follow through, you prioritize the things that will cause what matters most to happen for you. As you act, it becomes easier to act again. You develop habits.

The right habits make doing the right thing for you happen. That’s an aspect of what goal setting puts into your life. It gets you to choose the habits that will go to work for you. Habits that work for you are those that tend to put your attention and your action where you need it to be. Putting your focus onto getting results!

By getting in the habit of doing the steps that fit your goals, you make it possible to get what you want. Even when that may mean doing specific tasks that you don’t particularly want to do because they’re on the path to what you do want in your life.

How do you bring more of what matters to you into your life? When you want to bring more of what matters to you into your life, set goals. Break your goals into steps and do those steps. When you do, setting goals guides you to prioritize the way you live your life, to accomplish what you want. Dare to work at it! Let your goals help you to choose habits that fit making your goals become reality. By the way, that’s also how to turn big dreams into reality!

Author's Bio: 

Cynthia Ann Leighton is an inspiration expert who helps you keep moving forward.

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