Learning how to build a business online for most any entrepreneur starts with learning how to increase efficiency in any way possible. Considering that in most cases entrepreneurs work by themselves it stands to reason that their time and energy are valuable resources not to be wasted. Since internet traffic is a must for any business and generating it can be labor intensive it only makes sense to build a list of people who visit your site. In this way you can 'recycle' your efforts while also increasing your marketing effectiveness by using email to promote to people who have already shown an interest in what you do!

In an effort to work smarter and increase efficiency here are 5 steps online entrepreneurs need to take to build a list and use it to rapidly grow their business!

Build a Squeeze Page

Relax! This may be the easiest web page you ever put together because you do not want to be clever or too wordy since this page has only ONE message and/or purpose. When building this page 'contain' your creative impulses because all you want visitors to see is your message which is for them to leave their contact information. By keeping the graphics and words you use to a minimum people will be more focused on the message and this will help you build a list that much faster!

Offer an Incentive

In most cases people need to be 'coaxed' into leaving their contact information on a squeeze page. For this reason it is recommended to offer a free gift in exchange. The gift you offer can be a report you made or perhaps an inexpensive piece of software you may have picked up for free yourself on your internet travels.

Create a Responder Series

Creating a series of emails that can be sent out to list members at designated intervals over time through a auto-responder is highly recommended. In doing so it will help you to increase efficiency by freeing you up to tend to other areas of your business. Whenever you can automate any areas of your business always do so!

Apply Diligence

The email contact you maintain with list members should focus on building a relationship with them which in turn will help to increase your marketing effectiveness. It is important to note that you will get better results from a promotional standpoint if you do not make a habit of trying to selling something with every contact you make. Try to remain diligent about maintaining a consistent schedule of contact and just as important, supply people with useful information whenever you can.

Maintain Your Resolve

When you build a list and then engage in relationship building to help increase your marketing effectiveness do not expect overnight results. This process can take some time so remain patient and maintain your resolve. Remember building a business requires that a strong foundation is established first!

Learning how to build a business online starts with learning to get the most out of your own efforts. The last thing any internet entrepreneur wants to do is to repeat their efforts therefore you definitely want to build a list of people who have already visited your site. In this way you can 'recycle' some of your traffic generation efforts while also increasing your marketing effectiveness! Remember, the people on your list have already shown an interest in what you do so it will be easier to promote to them! In order to build a list there are 5 steps you will need to take, none of which are difficult and all of which have been discussed above! By following these steps and investing a little effort, you will not only increase efficiency but also your chances of achieving long term success online as well!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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