With increasing transportation, fleet management software has become a must-have for businesses irrespective of size. The application industry has touched almost every industry and business. A fleet management app development company is always high in-demand. In this digitalized era, applications hold a valuable place in online reputation.

It simplifies living. The increasing use of mobile phones and ease of availability of the internet has empowered the application industry. Take a minute out, and just replay how many times you unlocked your phone and opened an app. Not only you, move the eyes from your screen and look around, but you will also find everyone hooked to their phones. The increasing inclination towards smartphones has paved businesses with the opportunity to expand and organize. In this article, we will know about fleet management software. If you need one, you can hire dedicated developers.

What Is The Fleet Management Software?

A fleet management software helps a trucking company to control and manage all the vehicles working for the company. The app is majorly designed for several kinds of motor vehicles such as cars, trucks, ships, etc. To develop this kind of software, businesses contact ondemand app development company.As per a survey “the global fleet management software market is expected to reach $43.5 billion by 2024, at a compound annual growth rate of around 20.3 percent between 2018-2024”. The total amount of merchandise traded around the world in 2017 amounted to $17.73 trillion, according to a World Trade Organization (WTO) report. Hire dedicated developers to develop such apps.

How Does Fleet Management App Help Trucking Company?

Fleet management software allows controlling the movement of the vehicle and safety. The mobile app development company has been helping businesses. GPS trackers are used to identifying the location of the vehicle in any corner of the country. Fleet management app helps trucking companies in tracking vehicles, vehicle maintenance, field service management, routing and route optimization, asset and equipment tracking, deliveries and management, driver management, fuel management.

Some Examples Of A Fleet Management App

  • Fleetio Go: Fleetio Go is a fleet management app for android as well as iOS.The app helps to track vehicle issues. You can contact a mobile app development company.
  • ClearPathGPS: This app helps users in the real-time tracking of the vehicle. The app can be used by android and ios users for route tracking history as well.
  • Key Features Of A Fleet Management Software

    To develop a top-quality fleet management software solution you need to equip it with useful and essential features. The features increase the professionalism of the app and enrich users’ experience. Here, are features you should have in your app:

    1. GPS Tracking

    It is one of the most important features in a vehicle tracking app development. GPS tracking helps you to know the real-time location of the vehicle. In this service, it is important to have information on dispatching, location, routes, schedules. GPS tracking will help the user to make the system more effective.

    2. Route Optimization

    The route optimization feature will help you to be more cost-effective and environment-friendly. Okay, so do you think after dropping the material, your truck returns empty and you still need to pay your driver, and vehicle fuel. Not only this it also causes extra Carbon Dioxide emissions that in turn pollute the environment. You can use this feature to take the optimal route in a vehicle tracking app development. You can ask your client for the shortest path as well as check the time required for dispatching between two locations.

    3. Fuel Monitoring

    Fuel monitoring is not only necessary to ensure the dispatching and return of vehicles but also reduce costs.
    Many times drivers chose a different route for personal purposes this costs extra fuel and reduces the effectiveness. To ensure that drivers work during the working hour without cheating it is important to monitor fuel. The feature will store data of the fuel consumption in a logistic software development solution.

    4. High Security

    The fleet management software solution sometimes has confidential data stored in it. Equip the app with a location tracker and telematics. This provides the complete information of the driver and the condition of the vehicle. You will instantly be notified about unwanted activities.

    5. Synchronize Data

    You can store all data electronically in the logistic software development solution and reduce the paperwork. This not only cuts costs but also saves time. The integration of advanced technology will help all employees to use and update from wherever they are. The app helps in automating tasks at all possible corners.

    How To Build A Fleet Management App?

    For fleet management app development you need a team that comprises a project manager, front-end developer, back-end developer, UI/UX designer, graphic designer. The development of an app is an arduous process, you can take the help of companies already serving in the field.

    Factors That Affect The Cost Of Fleet Management App

    A few of the important factors that affect the cost of development are the location of the software development company or developers, the complexity of the app, size of the app, platform, and the time taken to build the app.
    Usually, an app embedded with rich features takes more time and hence is pricey. It is a time-consuming process, so if you need an app before the time limit you need to pay high. Though the price of developing an app for the iOS platform is high, with an increasing number of users on both platforms, it is recommended to build an app that runs on Android as well as iOS.

    How Much It Cost?

    Basic fleet management app development costs around $100 to $125 per month for every vehicle and advanced apps cost around $150 to $200 per month per vehicle.

    Wrapping Up

    As the fleet management app industry is booming, the competition is rising hand in hand. Before reaching out to the software development company you need a strong vision inclined towards the customer’s needs. We have mentioned tips on how to build and features of a fleet management app. 

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