Canada has multiple prospects for individuals looking for better career advancement opportunities. It is a booming economy and has various favourable programs for migration seekers. You can secure permanent residence in the country, making a better express entry profile and bolster your application.

This guide will outline the pointers you need to make a stellar profile and prepare for the Canadian job market. So, without further ado, let's take a look.

Express entry system

To replace the 'first come and first serve' migration process, the express entry system came into the picture in 2015. The government recognised the need to divert the deserving candidates' opportunities rather than leaving things up to chance.

The idea of the system is to rank profiles based on multiple criteria. It can include the applicant's age, language competency, work experience, skills, educational portfolio, and more. Spouse related factors can also play a role in determining the profiles' credibility.

Furthermore, it all boils down to the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), which helps rank the candidates' profiles as per the criteria mentioned above. If you have a stellar CRS score, your chances of enjoying express entry to Canada. But if you have a poor score, it should not dampen your spirits. You can improve the CRS score by employing an effective strategy or even seeking consultation from immigration advisors.

What do you need to build a stellar express entry profile?

It would help if you looked at improving your profile before you submit your application. It should not be the case that you are rushing to make last-minute changes to your profile and hope that it will result in a better score.

The idea is to devise a strategy from the initial period of composing your profile and look at the factors that will improve it. So, here are some tips for building an excellent express entry profile:

Take advantage of the preliminary assessment.
People often sideline the importance of preliminary eligibility evaluation. They associate it with a mere formality rather than taking advantage of the opportunity to trace inaccuracies in the application. It can be used as a pathway to confirm the information you added and check the application's weightage. More importantly, it helps you recognise the factors that affect the CRS score and deploy measures to improve it.

First come, first served is not over
In a way, the first-come, first-serve system is still valid regarding the age of the applicants. If you fall in the age group of 20-29, it is highly recommended utilising that and apply as early as possible. You can get additional CRS points for being in that category and improve your express entry profile.

Competency in language
Canada utilizes French and English as official languages. Therefore, if you are proficient in these languages, you can gain more points in your CRS. Since the express entry framework is a highly competitive program, you should aim to score well on the proficiency tests. You can seek expert advice on preparing for the language tests and employing the strategies to improve your linguistic skills holistically.

Showcase a stellar education track record
If you have a stellar educational background with bachelors, masters, or doctoral degrees, you can have the edge over other candidates. For instance, if you hold a master's degree against a candidate who is only a high school diploma holder, you will get more points for education. Furthermore, it is also advisable to supplement your degrees with the Education Credential Assessment (ECA). It assesses the degree's legitimacy against the Canadian equivalent.

How should you prepare for the Canadian job market?

Finally, coming to the crucial aspect of express entry profile - how should you prepare for the Canadian job market? This question often puzzles many candidates while considering options for express entry to Canada.

Let's shed some light on how you should prepare.

Shape your professional experience to the Canadian context

It is illegal for employers to specifically ask job seekers to provide details of their work experience and education portfolio in the Canadian context. It is also true that they seek candidates who can quickly adapt to the transformation and become constructive members of the organisation. Hence, you can create your resume to highlight your adaptability skills and provide points that are useful to the employer.

Apart from this, it is best to utilise the best tools available for steering professional networking in the country. You can do this even before settling in Canada. You can also work on improving your language skills to make sure that you are fluent.

Final say

It can be tricky to recognise factors affecting your profile to express entry to Canada. But, you can improve it by employing the tips outlined in this article. It is also advisable to prepare for the Canadian job market. If you face difficulties in any matter, seek advice from friends or family who have moved to Canada via the express entry programs. Apart from that, many immigration consultants can also help.

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