One of the best strategies for building a loyal following on Twitter is to share helpful tips with your own hashtag. A hashtag is just a keyword with a # before it. Twitter users read streams with hashtags that are relevant to their interests. You want to create a hashtag that is unique to you and relevant to your offerings.

For example, my hashtag is #MindsetTip because that’s the subject that I want to share tips on and mindset is what I coach about. So it’s relevant, unique to me, and of interest to my target market.

Here’s one of my tweets with my hashtag:
#MindsetTip: Start reminding yourself that wealth is on its way to you and be grateful for it.

The way to determine if the hashtag you want is being used is to do a search in Twitter for it. If nothing comes up you can use it. If tweets come up for it and it’s a big keyword for you, you can still use it occasionally in your tweets. Some general hashtags that I occasionally use are #mindset, #success, #life coach, #BusinessTips, and #LOA (Law of Attraction). But you still want to have one that’s unique to you so that twitter users can follow it and know that it’s you.

Here’s an example of using a general hashtag:
What is the one thing that only you can do today to increase your business revenue? #success

Some people put their hashtag at the beginning and others put it at the end. My method is to use my own hashtag at the beginning of tweets and general hashtags at the end.

You can start by compiling a list of tips on your topic that are under 140 characters. If you want them to be retweeted you should make them even shorter. (The tweet above is 94 characters.) They can be a specific topic within your field or your general topic. Whenever you think of more tips, add them to your list. I recommend having a list of tips that are on your main topic and then other lists on specific topics.

For example, I write tips for mindset principles and business skills, but then I also write tips on specific areas such as Law of Attraction, social networking, money management, and successful practices.

Another method you can use is to tweet a short tip that links to a blog post that explains the tip in more detail (like this one!). Be sure to use a URL shortener when you use a link in your tweets so you have plenty of room.

The next step is to schedule your tweets using one of the Twitter schedulers such as Socialoomph, Hootsuite, or Tweet Adder. You can set them to run automatically and you can also connect them to your other social media accounts.
When you consistently share helpful tips and make it easy for your followers to find them with your own hashtag, your followers will begin to look forward to your tips.

I have a whole system set up for my tweets, which include tips with the hashtag as well as several other important categories. If you would like to have a social media assessment and learn how you can set up a tweeting system for the whole year, contact me here:

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