Being an employer, did you ever wonder why some candidates consider the position posted by you is a good fit for them? Well, it completely depends upon your job description. Leading employment agency can help you to understand the steps to be followed to become the best recruiter.

Even though finding a new employee is a time-consuming process, but it will be much quicker if the appropriate potential about the positions is posted early. And to make things easier for both employers and candidates it is very important to clearly specify what this role entails and who exactly you are looking for in terms of experience at the very starting.

Therefore, the caliber of the job description will depict the candidate’s caliber. So, let’s have a look at the steps to be followed to build a strong job description suggested by best employment agency:

Start by company introduction and position for the jobseekers

To start a new professional relationship with your new hire, you have to be more careful regarding what you say about your company and the position because it will make people come for the job more.

The introduction part is the ideal place for including the soft skills required for the role and for strengthening the company’s culture. Also, it is best to add feels like friendly, personable and reliable in the introduction section rather than adding it in the requirements list, because it helps to engage the readers from redirecting them back to search results. Since most of the time soft skills are not addressed on a CV, so, it is best to identify those soft skills by asking the right questions during interviews and reference checks.

It is good to save time by giving your maximum attention for creating requirement list followed by the description.

Say the job duties Verbally

It is very important to explain the day-to-day duties of the job verbally. Many recruiters like to include that information which will only converse to the qualified candidates who has a good understanding of the job role. So, the description is fundamental as qualified candidates can know about it on the basis of the title.

But most of the time it is seen that the unqualified candidates interpret the job in their own way. Therefore, the details are very important.

It is best to show the candidates what their new life will be in this new role as this will help them to compare the new role to previous one, which will help the qualified candidates to apply with confidence.

List the job requirements clearly

If information is overloaded in any CV, then the exciting process of CV analysis will convert into a depressing task. It is very difficult to imagine if every CV you had to read was in paragraph form? So it is important to emphasize on the list.

Therefore, it will be good to create a CV with information in the form of the bulleted list because it will mentally, visually and efficiently help both parties to create and analyze.

Highlight the benefits

After selling your position to qualified candidates, the next step is to sell yourself against your competition. Most of the qualified candidate will not sacrifice their time for a company if they don’t get anything great in return, so to hold back such candidates, who are a great fit for your company, it is very important to show them how valued they will be if they choose you?

If you disclose some benefits to the candidate, then you will be able to see that the candidate also wants to work for you as you do. It is because you both have that, what you each other want and need from the role.

If the candidate sees that you do not show any care of your employees, then they will find any other company that does that.

These days’ benefits are very competitive; therefore show those benefits that you have for your employees, such as private health insurance or a competitive pension scheme, free lunch every day, etc. These are those things candidates may want in a new job.

The main thing in this process is you have to be transparent about what you can offer.


For the next time, when you are writing your description, try to share it with the least qualified person in your office. Ask them if they will like to apply, and if so, then why? This will be beneficial to observe if you can identify any trends in the types of candidates you are getting. It will also help you to understand what to do differently.

The hiring process is supposed to be exciting as you will get a new employee with a new perspective and potential which will be helpful for the business. It is quite possible that you may not get the right person for the first time, but with trial and error, you will be able to determine the workflow which is required for qualified applicants.

So, if you are in search of a good candidate who can best fit for your job, then it is best to list yourself with an employment agency list or recruiter directory.

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