Almost every salesman has heard of successful sales techniques that are meant to rake in more sales for them. Yet when I employed these sales techniques, no results were observed. Prospects are still unmoved. This baffled me the longest time.

Years back, I discovered that for selling techniques to work, a strong emotional foundation is required.

Persuasion is essentially transference of emotion, and sales techniques seek to hasten this process. So if you do not have good emotions while connecting with prospects, chances are you’ll lose the sale.

The main tenets for a strong emotional foundation are:

1. Sincerity

Most folks believe sincerity is the most difficult to acquire. But I have to disagree. The easiest way to exude sincerity in all your business conversations is to build true relationships and sell only stuff you believe in.

Because you believe in what you're selling, you won't have to chant rhetorical sales scripts that evoke feelings of guilt each time you repeat it. And you won't need to try pumping up the dry enthusiasm as you talk to your clients. You’ll have the glow of energy and excitement as you talk about how your product can improve your prospect’s life.

2. Move Away From Emotionally Draining Imaginations

The problem with holding negative events in your mind is they tend to discolor your judgment and suppress your creative ability as you meet with yet another prospect. Heaviness in your heart can also influence your body language and tonality for the worse. This will surely drive your conversation to unimaginable places

Personally, the best way to prevent negative feelings from ruining an otherwise good day is to engage in aerobic activities like jogging or swimming. There are also other means to find relieve and I encourage you to discover them soon.

3. Managing expectations

Every customer expects to receive everything you promised and they surely want you to be on time. If you can't deliver, you’ll have to ararnge an alternative with him so as to meet the expectation he has in his heart.

Whenever you fall short of a customer’s expectation, you put your career at risk. Unhappy customers quickly bring their business elsewhere and speak vehemently about their bad experience.

Yet when they receive the value or service they expect, you can easily exceed their expectation simply by doing a little extra -- appreciating the relationship or the transaction with a nice gesture (such as a gift). And you can keep this customer for life.

Having built a solid foundation, you can maintain good emotional states during business meetings. And with good emotional states, you can use any sales techniques and they'll work alright for you. This empowers you to persuade your prospects in record time and with less effort, resulting in more sales.

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