Link building points at building link popularity. It simply points out at the fact that there are a significant number of quality links pointing to your site and creating an impression on the search engines that your site demands importance. This way, you would be able to increase the rank of your site on search engine results.

It is easy to create backlinks for your site, but then it is of much more significance and relevance to create quality ones. Only then can you be assured of your site's link popularity, as the search engines can easily identify irrelevant or spam links.

You must follow these to strategies to build quality links to your website:

Step 1: Have Proper Keyword Selection: Use online tools as Google keyword tool, to properly search for the keywords having a high search volume. Keywords having a relatively high search volume and used in lower number of websites. For certain particular niche areas, hunt for the keywords that have no less than 100 daily searches and are being used by 300,000 websites or less.

Step 2: Prepare Keyword Rich Content: Your next and most important step is to create keyword-centric articles. Prepare content making an intelligent use of (avoiding keyword stuffing on the same hand) top keywords used by your target market to find information online. The smart use of Google keyword tool and the Google trending tool will help you stream ahead of your competition, when it comes to content development.

Step 3: Submission of these keyword rich articles to Top most directories: Come up with a large number of original and keyword-rich articles using the tools and the above strategy. Now submit them to various top article directories. Take caution to submit your articles to only those directories which are carrying a page ranking of 5 to 7. This would help you to enhance the ranking of your site. While doing so, do also place your website link with in the article, preferably as a keyword hypertext link.

Step 4: Establish SERP Links: This strategy can absorb much of your time, but guarantees long term benefits and profitable results. Carry out a research for the top 50-100 keywords in your market in Google, and find out which websites rank as the top 50 or 100 websites. These are the sites which can be a future link-swap program for you. You need to check with the link exchange policies of these websites, to request a link. You can also carry on with this method, for the non-competing but related sites (related to your niche.

If you plan to entice your prospective customers, while also creating your online presence, follow the above strategies and see the difference. By implementing the above listed strategies into your link popularity plan, you would quickly start getting a number of quality inbound links and higher page ranking on the top search engines.

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