People often say that one’s self-confidence -- that radiating state of believing in one’s capabilities and skills -- can most often be the most striking quality a person can have. Belief in one’s ability to perform a task or complete a project is one of the most important building blocks of success. Confidence not only gives you a positive mindset but also attracts different forms of success as you are prepared for what is to come and knowledgeable of troubleshooting when mistakes arise.

At the work office, impressions do last -- most especially the first ones. Why is it that an employee who holds his head high and who speaks and answers questions assuredly, clearly and with conviction are more inclined to persuade others than the employee who is always babbling and nervous? How you conduct yourself at the office is one indication of how well you will be able to climb your growth ladder, and whether you intend to reach personal, financial or professional success, building your self-confidence is a surefire way to do it.

1. BE PLEASANT. Smile and greet your coworkers! Nothing beats setting a light and happy mood in your environment to start your day. Happiness spreads like wildfire, so if you remember to keep a genuine smile on your face, people around you instantly become friendlier and your attitude towards work changes too. You are able to maintain a positive outlook which keeps your confidence level up.

2. POWER DRESS. There is such a thing as the magic of power dressing. If your goal is to be treated like a true professional, look the part and make sure to always show up in your best, as dictated by the office dress code. You’ll be surprised at how good you’ll feel about yourself and how much looking the part can command respect.

3. DO YOUR JOB EFFICIENTLY. Make sure to list all your assigned tasks and make the effort to finish them on time, all the time. Procrastination is the worst habit an employee can adapt, and as it wastes your time, it diminishes your belief in yourself overtime with less work successfully completed. Doing your job efficiently gives you confidence as it makes you accountable for every task finished and cements your credibility at work. When others see and acknowledge how dependable you are, confidence is instilled.

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4. BE ASSERTIVE. Successful people did not sit in one corner and kept quiet. Ask questions. Share your suggestions. Clarify ideas. It is always better speaking up and admitting that you don’t understand the task at hand than pretending that you do and ending up with unfinished work. Humble assertion gets you a nod of respect and appreciation from your team.

5. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Competence builds confidence. And what better way to be competent than by learning new skills, refining those that you use so well, practicing what you’ve learned and re-discovered, then correcting mistakes as they reveal themselves? Doing your research equips you with knowledge of the task at hand while at the same time giving you confidence because you know you have what it takes to complete it excellently.

6. ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES. Don’t waste your time laying out personal qualities you wish you had. Instead, humbly point out all your better qualities and acknowledge all your strengths. As the adage “Nobody is perfect” goes, maybe it’s time you actually accepted this universal truth and focused on the good qualities that build your make up. Learn to embrace your weaknesses too, and try your best to slowly turn them into strengths. Stop listening to your own negative criticisms and become a better version of yourself. Believe in what you can become and what you can accomplish. Even those whom you admire the most have their own flaws and insecurities.

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7. CREATE YOUR SUPPORT GROUP. Look for people who will help boost your confidence realistically. Negative thoughts of yourself can win over positive ones. So once in awhile, it may help to share your fears and anxieties to close confidantes as they often point out your strengths better than you can and more than you are willing to recognize.

8. BURST YOUR COMFORT BUBBLE. Have a square-off with your fears -- at least the smaller ones first. Afraid of speaking in front of an audience? Try voicing out your suggestions during a team meeting. Volunteer yourself. Speak up. By being in your comfort zone, you are unable to push yourself to your competencies and you allow your risk-fearing self to assume predominance. You are unable to recognize the things that you can actually do, and unable to become the person that you can be.

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