What do children and sales consultants have in common? Ask them to play and they’ll jump in. Tap into this natural ability and you’ll unlock the secret to whiteboard presenting.

In more organizations and small businesses, sales professionals and subject matter experts are turning to whiteboards. Presenting at the whiteboard is a flexible way to sell ideas, simplify solutions and connect with clients.

Let’s look closely at how to build your skills. Use these tips to for successful selling at the whiteboard…in minutes not weeks.


A playful attitude is at the heart of creativity. Yet, as we get involved in working, and strive for greater achievements, it’s all too easy to forget about the power of play.

Beware of becoming overly serious about presenting at the whiteboard. If you have forgotten about the quality of play, you could be in serious danger. Watch out for these danger signs. If you experience them, seek help immediately:

● Not writing or drawing anything on the whiteboard for fear of making a mistake.
● Critiquing your sketches and belittling your efforts.
● Apologizing for anything you do.
● Erasing your sketches before anyone can see them.
● Creating realistic renderings that take forever.

If you or anyone on your team is experiencing these, consider checking into a Presentation Rehab program right away. You’ll find inspiration and practical tips to say, “Enough!” to the habit of getting overly serious about your whiteboard presentations.

Now, let’s be clear. There are specific structures, standards and ways to be effective at the whiteboard. What we’re focusing on here is that a playful attitude towards experimenting is going to take you a lot further…much faster.

Great ideas spring willingness to experiment. When you’re starting out at whiteboard presenting, this can be a big challenge. It’s very different than presenting with a script and a ready-made slide deck.

The trick to inventing is to have a master plan. Using a distinct set of interactive questions, information layouts and facilitation techniques, you’ll learn the ropes. As you do, you’ll look and feel increasingly comfortable.

You’ll know how to manage the flow. Get comfortable with the flow of ideas, discussion, questioning, and problem solving with your audience. Practice inventing on the spot by rehearsing your skills with a presentation coach, and with your team.

Using a distinct set of skills, you’ll invent interactive ways to show your value proposition, highlight benefits, address objections, and guide the conversation.

If you’ve been used to delivering scripted presentations and using a clicker to guide flow, there is a lot to learn. The faster your build your skills, the better you’ll be at the whiteboard in front of your important client.

Showing Ideas On The Spot

What happens when you sketch out ideas while the audience watches? People get instantly engaged. It’s altogether different than presenting a finished poster, infographic or brochure. And it’s radically different than relying on a PowerPoint slide.

Encouraging real time interaction is dynamic, fresh and lively. It unlocks quality conversations and builds rapport. Plus it’s the most flexible way to structure a conversation.

You can respond on the spot to individual questions, overcome objections, and trouble shoot to streamline decision-making. Drawing out simple sketches is the fastest way to help non-experts and experts speak a common language.

In addition, if English is your second language, visual sketching is a universal language. If you feel that your verbal skills in English are lacking, make up the difference with visual sketches. Many of my clients find this is a fantastic way to engage clients, teams and superiors in important conversations.

When you look at these benefits, you can’t afford to be left out of the loop. Jump into the wonderful world of interactive selling with whiteboard presenting. You’ll never look back.

Author's Bio: 

Milly Sonneman is a recognized expert in visual language. She is the co-director of Presentation Storyboarding, a leading presentation training firm, and author of the popular guides: Beyond Words and Rainmaker Stories available on Amazon. Milly helps business professionals give winning presentations, through Email Marketing skills trainings at Presentation Storyboarding. You can find out more about our courses or contact Milly through our website at: http://www.presentationstoryboarding.com/