Many people trust their photographic memory to be an astoundingly handy tool in life.

There are a few photographic memory procedures that can be applied in the development of a photographic memory. Keep in mind; when you are born you have a photographic memory, which seems to reduce as you move into adulthood.

How to develop a Photographic memory?

After reading some data and you need to recall the facts, whatever you do is make a story which explains what you have read hilariously. For example, to hold data about the components of a computer take a mental photographic image of each part using a comical picture.

With these pictures, the data is captured in your mind with every one of the parts and their related pictures. (This tends to work better for outwardly oriented people, and having a good imagination also helps.)

Reviewing  Faces :-

This system is helpful with regards to retaining the name of an individual or their face. Go for highlights like the color of their hair and eyes, mouth, nose and shape of face. At that point imagine their names composed on their foreheads.

Reviewing the faces and names of people in the mind requires a great deal of training. The more you set in motion the more you improve photographic memory.


For photographic memory ato be upgraded, focus should be practiced. childrens naturally have the superior photographic memory capacity; far superior than adults. The improved memory in children is known as “eidetic memory“, the capacity to review pictures, objects, sounds, even flavors, with high accuracy without the use of any memory help device. The reason is children center around the question of perception which makes it less demanding for natural review.

How to profit from your photographic memory:

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