To build your blog in a way that will stand out or carry more authority your ability to post updates containing unique content will be crucial! Of equal or even greater importance however is the manner in which you maintain your efforts and the content quality of what you offer! What we're talking about here is establishing yourself as a blogging authority within your niche and this is something that doesn't happen overnight!

Here are 3 important aspects you must keep in mind and adhere to concerning both your content quality and posting habits for niche dominance to be yours!


No where and in no way can you achieve the 'status' of being an authority figure without first proving your worth! As a blogger this will occur when you post updates that are useful, informative or otherwise reflect a content quality people will favorably remember! This takes time and it's up to you to invest it even when you're not seeing the results you want. Consider that not only must you first attract visitors but then gain their loyalty which will only then give you the opportunity to show them the depth of your knowledge and insights! This is a process and therefore it requires time, your patience and of course your persistence!


One thing about consistence when blogging, if you are inconsistent in regards to your content quality or posting schedule visitors will demonstrate their own consistency by staying away! As a blogger your consistency is important concerning not only quality and the regularity with which you post updates but also topic relevancy! Stick to only subject matter that holds relevance to the theme of your blog and you should be good to go!


The accuracy of what you offer readers is of the utmost importance when trying to develop and/or establish a reputation of being an authority! Although you may offer unique content it is worthless if it contains repeated inaccuracies and will only serve to discredit you rendering your efforts useless! Know of what you speak and if there's any questions concerning your content quality don't post it until all questions have been answered or otherwise cleared up!

In order to build your blog so that it establishes a certain authority within your niche you need to be mindful of how you post updates. Of course what you offer readers needs to be unique content or why else would they be interested but establishing an authority site requires even more than this. When blogging there's 3 important 'rules' you'll need to adhere to if establishing a certain dominance is your goal as discussed above! If these disciplines noted above can be maintained along with your content quality when you post updates it's simply a matter of time till you dominant your niche!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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