Building Plots For Sale knows that there has been a sudden upsurge in people deciding to build their own home; television programmes have been made just for this purpose, such as Channel 4 Grand Designs. Only a small number of people actually decide to take the plunge and build their dream home though, most decide to buy it ready made because they feel that it is too much hard work. There are lists of potential problems, such as planning permission failing or financial problems, but the end result could be all that you have ever dreamed of and more.

Finding the perfect building plots for sale that suits you is the key. Looking at building plots for sale in your area is one of the first stages to your housing project. There is a distinct lack of good building plots for sale in the UK, so if you find one then you project is under way. Only an estimated 200,000 self-build projects are started each year and the average age of the typical self-builder is around 45-60 years old. Because of the downturn in the housing market now could be the best time to join the other self-builders. The demand for new housing is high, as large developers have slowed down on projects. The average cost of the project is around a third lower than what you would pay a developer. The added bonus is that it will be your design, just find your idealbuilding plots for sale and gain planning permission on the land and then set the wheels in motion.

Building your home can be rather quick, especially if you decide upon a timber frame. This can be erected quickly, sometimes within a week; therefore the whole house can be finished within a ten-week period. Timber frames are energy efficient so this leads to savings on your heating bills.

Financing the project can be a worry but surprisingly loans for self-build projects offer up to 95% of the costs, much higher than a traditional mortgage. Some lenders do vary though. How it works is self-builders need to find a 5% deposit, and then the lenders offer the cash in installments, each phase of the build has to be completed before the next installment is granted.

Securing the finance is the first stage for most self-builders, then finding the building plots for sale or land for sale. This is a service that we atbuilding plots for sale can do for you if you have not found the suitable plot for sale on our website our experienced team will seek out your perfect plot before it comes available on the open market. The next step is gaining planning permission, once granted you can then begin the building of your self-build home (again we can assist you with your planning application). Building plots for sale offer all services from gaining you the finance, planning, architectural plans and even an experienced land solicitor for your project and also finding the building plots for you. We will be there every step of the way, offering you a professional service then sourcing the land you require. You can be guaranteed that we atBuilding plots for sale will offer you the complete package.

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