Gentlemen, don’t let the fat man in the red and white suit beckon your significant other onto his lap this year. Instead, opt for something sparkly that will cause your partner to jump into your arms with joy! Diamonds are time-tested beacons of love and commitment. Jewelry is always a popular Christmas purchase, so why give someone a gift that glitters under the tree.

Studio1098 in Toronto, Ontario knows competing with a famous philanthropist who only works one day out of a year is serious business. That’s why they offer unique pieces of jewelry and custom jewelry for your one and only. Visit them online at to see their selection. Tamara Kronis and Kathryn Dieroff will help you with all of your diamond engagement ring questions, or if you’re not ready to make that leap they can help you with custom rings and jewelry of a less-serious sort. This Holiday Season let these famous Toronto jewelers help you find the right diamond for your lucky lady.

Buying a custom diamond ring is all about learning the importance of the 4 “C”s:

1. Cut: This doesn’t mean “shape”. Cut refers to the diamond’s reflective qualities. The cut of a diamond greatly influences its brilliance, as the angles and finish of the stone change how it handles light. Typically, the cut of a diamond is categorized as Ideal, Premium, Very Good, Good or Fair & Poor. The jewelers at Studio1098 can teach you more about the cut of a diamond and how it creates that brilliant shine.

2. Clarity: Most diamonds have flaws. Clarity refers to these flaws, called “inclusions” that might appear in the stone. Inclusions can be air bubbles, cracks or non-diamond minerals in the stones. Another form of inclusions, called “blemishes” includes things like scratches, pits and chips in the stone. There are many classifications of diamond clarity, ranging from “Flawless” to a “Third-Grade Inclusion”.

3. Colour: The colour of a diamond never changes over time. Typically, the whiter a diamond’s colour, the greater the value. This is because the lack of colour in the stone allows light to pass through it more clearly, creating the fiery brilliance diamonds are known for. However, certain diamonds that feature very bright or very rare colours can actually be more valuable because of their rarity. The Toronto jewelers at Studio1098 know about the various colours of diamonds and how they affect value, and they’ll be happy to educate you.

4. Carat Weight: Carat Weight refers to the size of the diamond, measured in weight. Diamonds come in a variety of sizes. From your budget to the size of your lady’s fingers, Studio1098 can help you determine what carat weight you should consider for your custom diamond ring.

The expert jewelers at Studio1098, Tamara Kronis and Kathryn Dieroff also know the often overlooked 5th “C” as well: Certificate. The diamond certificate is a complete evaluation of a diamond which has been performed by professionals using specific gemological instruments. Since each diamond bears recognizable attributes, these are recorded onto the certificate to not only serve as an accurate appraisal, but to authenticate and manage, historically, the record of the actual stone.

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