Obtaining a fake ID has become increasingly popular among teenagers and college students. With the rise of technology and access to fake identification, the purchase of a fake ID has become more trivial. However, the cost of getting one is still a significant factor to consider. In this article, we will delve into the costs of procuring a fake id and the possible consequences that may arise from doing so.

Getting a fake ID can come at a price, and it is not just monetary. The average cost of procuring a fake ID ranges between $50 to $200. The cost fluctuates depending on the quality and authenticity of the ID. Higher quality and more authentic-looking IDs will, of course, be more expensive. However, some sellers reduce their prices and sell fake IDs in bulk to maintain a good business reputation. The trend in pricing increases in specific locations, particularly in states with strict laws on fake IDs.

The actual cost of obtaining a fake ID goes beyond its price as it can turn into a legal matter. Depending on the severity of the offense, being caught with a fake ID could lead to not only fines but also time behind bars. The law views a fake ID as identity theft, which carries a federal offense and can bring up five years in federal imprisonment, probation, and hefty fines. In addition, some states have specific laws regarding fake IDs, and those caught with a fake ID may end up with an arrest record.

Getting a fake ID online may seem like an affordable option, but the risks that come with it are high. Online scammers could take advantage of the buyer's desperation and take their money without delivering the fake ID, putting the buyer's identity at risk. It is safer to procure from reputable manufacturers or vendors. Although the cost may be higher, the quality and the delivery is guaranteed.

In recent times, prank and novelty fake IDs have gained popularity. These fake IDs are not designed to deceive but for entertainment purposes. They come in the form of a joke or are customized to showcase an individual's personal interests. Depending on the quality and design, prices range from $10 to $50. These prank and novelty fake IDs are not designed to work as a genuine ID. They are meant to be used in theme parties like hunting, barbecues, or sports tournaments.

In summary, procuring a fake ID can lead to legal trouble that can be more costly than its value in the long run. While the cost of fake IDs varies, it is essential to consider the legal risk and safety of using a fake ID. Making use of a fake ID is not only dangerous but can also lead to permanent legal records that may negatively affect one's future prospects. It's safer to obtain a genuine ID through the right processes than to buy fake ID at any cost.

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Getting a fake ID can come at a price, and it is not just monetary. The average cost of procuring a fake ID ranges between $50 to $200.