The quality of a shoe can be determined by its durability, its comfort, and the materials used in its manufacture. Some shoes are handmade, and retail for an absurdly expensive price. On the hand, some shoes are made for limited editions, and as a result, only a handful are produced. Needless to say, copping a limited edition variant is often hard. If you want to sport the coolest footwear, Godsey Supply has a variety of different options available. Godsey Supply secures after-market shoe collections and quality footwear and then sells to its valued customers.

When buying shoes, most men go to the stores and choose the shoe they like the most, they try it on and press the tip of the shoe with their hand to see if the finger touches the edge or not. Then, walk a few steps and make a decision! However, you were doing it all wrong. When it comes to shopping for a shoe, there are many other things that you need to consider apart from the fit. Online stores such as Godsey Supply sell a wide variety of branded footwear, but it’s important you check the quality of the shoe first before making a decision. How disappointed would you be if you just spent a hundred bucks on a shoe, only to find the sole wearing out or separating from the shoe?

So that this does not happen, here are some tips that you will have to consider since there are many factors that will influence your decision when buying a shoe.

1. Check that the sole is firmly attached to the shoe.
2. Some shoes made of synthetic skins will generate bad odors, on the contrary, the footwear made with leather will keep your foot clean and will help in keeping away the bad odors.

3. Pay attention to the anatomy of the shoe: Comfort should be felt from the first minute. Your feet should be held from the tip to the heel. This does not mean that the fingers should touch the tip, but the foot should not be loose inside the shoe.

4. Check the buckles and any other enhancements that the shoes have. They must be firmly attached to the shoe with double stitching and reinforcements.

5. Check the inside of the shoe. This aspect is very important when talking about footwear quality. Insert the fingers gently inside and make sure the inner lining is soft, smooth and reliable. This aspect will be related to comfort, durability and the overall breathability of the shoe.

6. Durability is also related to quality and for these the materials are fundamental. A leather shoe will always last longer than one made from synthetic materials.
If you are looking to buy a quality dress shoe, it’s recommended that you buy one that’s made from pure leather. You can check online for different shoes at the Godsey Supply store and then check the sizes before making a decision.

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