Buying an antique doll is easier said than done. Because how do you recognize an antique doll and how do you ensure that you never do a bad buy?

Want to be sure that you actually buy an antique doll that fits your collection without hidden breaking? In this article we give you five simple tips to ensure that when you buy an antique doll you also get what you expect.

Check the head for cracks and hairlines
Buying an antique doll starts with a good look at the copy you have in mind. Keep the head well in the light or shine in with a lamp. If possible, remove the wig. Every damage causes a loss of value, but there is a difference between a hairline and a tear. A hairline is a thin barely visible line, which you actually only really find when there is a lot of light. A crack is a clear break in the porcelain. Sometimes a small mistake in the porcelain means that a doll that is normally far beyond your budget suddenly comes within reach.
Before buying, it is smart to ask if the antique doll is without further defects.

Look Carefully at the Back
On the back of the head you will find the brand and often also a number. The number represents the size of the doll. If a doll is not marked, the brand is more difficult to determine. In most cases a year and the name of the maker on the back means that it is not an antique doll but a replica. The same applies to the word Rep. on the back. These are often beautiful dolls, but this is not what you want when you are out to buy an antique doll.

Determine the material of the body
If the body consists of several parts and the whole is made of porcelain, it is a replica. Antique dolls have a body of papier-mache, leather, or wood.

Use your own knowledge
The greater your experience, the easier it is to buy an antique doll. Immerse yourself in the type of doll you are looking for on the internet, visit markets and doll fairs, and when in doubt: ask questions. If you do not have much experience with buying antique dolls, it is important to gather information and do business with reliable traders.

Too cheap to be true, often turns out to be correct. So if the price is very low, be extra vigilant. You can always ask the seller about the age of the doll and whether the doll is cool.

Buy from Sellers with experience and a good reputation
Always look on Google/Twitter for the number of years that a seller has been active and the other advertisements of the seller. You can find an example on They have good collection and variety of singing, dancing and talking dolls for girls and boys too. Even they have well commanded potty training / teaching dolls that are helpful for kids and toddlers.

How does the selling party appear to you? Follow your feelings here too and never feel compelled to buy a beautiful doll. After all, it's about your collection and you want to enjoy the doll for years.

What are your experiences with buying a doll? Do you have more tips? Let us know via the comments below!

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Misty Jhones