Good and sound sleep is one of the vital points of baby’s development. A comfortable mattress does not just make sleep time cosier for the baby, but also it helps in baby’s growth and keeps the baby safe. Before buying the crib mattress for the baby think about the price, comfort, and strength, as the baby will most likely rest in it for as long as three to four years.

Things to keep in mind before buying a crib mattress:

Specialists prescribe that guardians stay away from old, worn sleeping mattresses, especially those with made of foam cushioning which can expand the possible chances of growing bacteria. You can check crib mattresses online portal there are many options available. Below are the complete guidelines about How to Buy Baby & Toddler Crib Mattresses.

The correct size:

A sleeping mattress needs to fit cosily in the crib. The proper fitting of the mattress gives full comfort to the baby. Mattress size depends on the crib size. There is no perfect size mentioned, but the minimum size should be 5/8″ in width and 3/4″ to in length.

The difference in Weight:

Mattresses that made up of foam are light weighted but the innerspring mattresses weight more. There is a price difference between these products, but it is good to go with the quality. It is a better option to go for an innerspring mattress for its firmness and durability which gives comforts as well as helps in the development of the baby.


One needs high thickness so it's firm enough to guard the infant while resting. Most froth sleeping mattress doesn’t list thickness on the bundling.


According to specialists, firm mattresses are better than soft mattresses. Air filled sleeping mattresses are not ok for children. The soft mattresses are biggest threat suffocation.

Mattress spread or covering:

For water obstruction, search for a mattress made of nylon with twofold or triple-overlaid ticking. Parents might need to consider fitted waterproof bedding spread for the babies.


Babies’ mattresses should be neat and clean. Mainly regular sleeping mattresses recommend spot-cleaning immediately. Some mattresses have removable spreads or coverings so that can be washed by hand or machine.

Good Venting:

Before buying, check for little gaps on the sides of the sleeping mattress that let wind current in and out. A sleeping mattress will smell better if there is a lot of vent openings to give scents a chance to get away. Diapers do spill, so this is a vital point to keep in mind before buying a crib mattress.

The difference in Price:

Price is a fine indicator of quality but also think about the requirements and needs, always choose good quality baby crib mattress.

Confirmation seals:

Before buying one must check the authentication certification which followed the guidelines of the country’s product safety commissions and passed all testing of product quality. The best-branded mattress company guaranteed the customer about the quality and mentioned the specific materials were used to make the bedding. So it is a vital point to keep in mind before buying a baby product.

Keep in mind all the above points before buying a crib mattress and go for the right one.

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Peter Keiller