You ordered a pair of your favorite shoes online for a get-together party, and they delivered it within the schedule. You’re happy and thankful. But when you unboxed it day before the party night, you got scared. Oh! No. These shoes don’t fit your feet.

No one can deny that buying online is more convenient than physically going to shopping. However, it also surprises us at many times in many ways. Sometimes the delivery is delayed, sometimes wrong products are delivered, again when it’s a super-fast delivery of your intended product – it may be come as a complete misfit. And risk is high in case you purchase shoes online – you can easily be bemused because of wrong sizes. And this is why we’re presenting this article – to help you to buy shoes online accurately.

1.Measure and get sure of your feet size: Before you buy your shoes, you should know the exact size of your feet. You can measure your feet with a foot measurer.
Another good way to get the size is to take help of the pair that are currently in use.

2.Determining the shoe type: There are many kinds of footwear available in the market, broadly we can name few are – party shoes, dress shoes, boots, sneakers, loafers, sandals or flip flops etc. Suppose you’re going to buy a pair of work boots. But still there are several types of work boots in the market. Some of the boots are good to use in a slippery surface, some pairs are good for construction sites, and againsteel toe boots may be safer in some work environment. You have to narrow down your requirement, otherwise you may order for wrong pair.

3.Confirm your special needs: In case you have any type foot problem, you have to buy a pair of shoes or sandals that are suitable to cope with problem. If you suffer from foot pain or planter fasciitis, you should buy special flip flops or shoes that can heal your pain.

4.Searching on the web: Now you know what shoes you are going to buy. Next step is open your browser, Google what you are looking for. Search phrases can be – “best dress shoes”, “best steel toe work boot”, “best sandals for women” etc. You may think it’s pretty simple. Actually, complexity starts from here. As you will be overwhelmed by a ton of results. Just follow one or two result links to choose your pair of shoes. Alternatively, if you prefer buying from Amazon, search directly on

5.Deciding the model: Actually when you search on web or on ecommerce sites, you get a lot of product results. To decide which models are best, you have to check different metrics. From the product specifications, match if it suits your requirements. If you prefer leather shoes, you can instantly discard all shoes made with synthetic materials. Carefully check the user reviews where you will get honest observations that product owner may not disclose. It will be wise to take help of the shoe review sites.

6.Comparing Price: Same product may come with different rates on two different websites. Therefore you have to check the price in several websites. Take help of search engines, search like these - “compare boots price”, “compare Nike sneaker price”.

7.Offer Hunting: During the special occasions, ecommerce sites offers huge discount on their products from with a 10 to 80 percent price cut. Christmas, New Year, Black Fridays are great shopping periods. Try to make your maximum purchase with some offers.

8.Selecting the Website: As same you select the product, you have to carefully select the platform. Before making any order, you should check the sites reputation. In this case, you may rely on proven ecommerce sites like,, etc. Many small sites are disgustingly slow in product delivery. Some others’ after sales service isn’t up to the mark. Get sure about return policy and warranty of the products.You can also take a pices of glue for shoe. It will be help you in emargency time to fix you shoe.

9.Buy it: As you considered so many things, you are now eligible to add the products in your cart and make payment. And we think the process will maximize your chance to get the best product (shoes here) at right price and on or before expected time.

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Md Rasel is a professional blogger.