How To Calculate Fertile Days To Get Pregnant: I Need A Baby Now

There is a specific window frame every month when a woman is most fertile. This is around ovulation, when the pituitary gland stimulates ovaries to release an egg. The released egg travels down the fallopian tubes. During this journey is the ideal time to fertilize the egg and get pregnant.

Using a calendar can help determine when ovulation is taking place. Make note of when period start and how many days each last. If cycles are consistently 28 days, ovulation typically occurs two weeks after the start of each period. If periods are longer, take the number of days in the shortest cycle and subtract 18. This number is the number of days following the next period when fertility should be at its highest. The benefits of using this system to calculate fertility is that it is relatively easy. Unfortunately, when other facts affect ovulation, these can make calculations inaccurate. This is not a good method of periods are irregular.

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Another method is to track basal body temperature. This is the temperature of the body when at rest. You can use an oral thermometer to determine temperature. During ovulation, there should be a slight increase of a little less than one degree. Optimum fertility occurs in the two or three days before this increase in temperature occurs. When temperature increases for a few days in a row, ovulation has most likely occurred.

Measurements should be done in the morning and plotted on a graph to determine any trends. All you need for this method is a thermometer. However, temperature changes can be very subtle. Once the increase occurs, it is too late to become pregnant because ovulation has already taken place. Further, it is best if temperature is measured at a consistent time every day. This is often inconvenient.

There are also ovulation predictor kits available for purchase over the counter. Measuring the hormone levels in urine, they detect the peaks that take place right before ovulation. The great thing about these tests is that they can predict when ovulation will occur. Prescriptions are usually not necessary. However, these kits can be expensive.

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The chance of conceiving can be maximized in many different ways. Having intercourse regularly, especially daily near the time of ovulation, is recommended. Preconception planning can allow a doctor to make any lifestyle change recommendations that can increase the chances of conception. It is important for both partners to be healthy weights and physically active. Healthy diets and low caffeine are also a good idea, and try to limit daily stress.

Conversely, smoking, alcohol and unapproved medication ingestion can harm chances of conception. Tobacco makes it harder for sperm to travel and reach the egg and can increase miscarriage risks. Medications can also make conceiving more difficult, and some can be harmful to a developing baby if efforts to conceive are ultimately successful.

Both men and women are equally likely to have infertility issues. Up until the mid-thirties, wait a year of trying before getting help. This of course is unless there are suspected fertility issues. In this case, you might want to seek professional advice. By calculating ovulation and determining when peak fertility occurs, most healthy couples will not need any extra help.

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Trying to get pregnant can become a stressful ordeal after trying for so long. You feel you have done everything you read on books but, yet still no signs of a baby coming. Here are some steps that you can take to conceive faster.

The best method to conceive is to know your ovulation date. One way is by calculating from the first day of your menstrual cycle, or first day you get your period. Not every woman has the same days in a menstrual cycle, some have 28, others up to 30. If your cycle lasts 28 days and get it on time each month, then your ovulation day is the 14th day of your menstrual cycle.

Another day to determine your ovulation is by checking your basal body temperature. In order to get accurate results it must be checked when you first wake up, before doing anything else. You should keep a thermometer on your night stand for easy access in the morning. Record all your temperatures each morning for a month or two and you will begin to see a pattern. The days your temperature starts to rise, is the days you are ovulating.

Once you know your ovulation date, it is important to kick the intercourse into high gear. Because sperm can live inside of a woman from three to five days, it is helpful to start intercourse a few days prior. Three to five days before your ovulation, you should be having intercourse with your partner, as well as a day or two after your ovulation date.

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It is also important to relax and enjoy the moment when having intercourse. Enjoy your partner without thinking of the time as a baby making process. While you may not realize this, thinking about these things will stress your body out. Stress can play a huge factor in you not being able to conceive. Allow your body to relax, by practicing meditation techniques as well. Each night before bed, you can also play soothing music that can help you relax. After intercourse, it is natural to want to check for early symptoms of pregnancy. The truth is, playing the waiting game for these symptoms is stressing you and your body out. Let it happen it naturally, try to focus on other things.

If you are trying to conceive, then you should also quit smoking as well, if this is a habit you have. Your partner should also quit smoking, as this can lower his sperm count. Smoking can cause a number of negative effects when it comes to sperm. It has an effect on sperm motility, which reduces the ability of it moving in search of a mature egg, once inside a woman. Avoiding any nicotine or alcohol during the time you are trying to conceive can help you become pregnant faster.

Taking folic acid a month before you are trying to conceive can also help. This will allow your body prepare for a baby. Taking folic acid can also help reduce the chances of your baby having any defects such as spina bifidia.

These are just some of the things you can do that can help you get pregnant. Remember that you just relax and let nature take its course. When you begin to relax and allow things to happen on its own, is when you will begin to see results. This is in part because you are no longer stressing out when trying to conceive.

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I was recently asked this question from someone who was trying to put a conception regimen together and had a very strong idea that she wanted one gender over the other. There are many variables that go into which things most affect which gender you end up with. I will discuss these things in the following article.

First And Foremost, Whether You Have A Boy Or A Girl Depends On Which Sperm Chromosome That The Father Of The Baby Contributes: I realize that it might seem like I'm over simplifying things, but at the end of the day, it really boils down to whether it's an X or a Y sperm chromosome that is successful in fertilizing the egg and this then results in a birth.

In a nutshell, if the man in this example couple contributes a Y sperm chromosome that is the first to successfully implant the woman's healthy egg, then you'll get a boy baby. But if it's an X instead of a Y, then a girl is going to be the result. This seems quite simple, doesn't it? But the problem is that neither you or the man have any control whatsoever over what he is producing and contributing. Science tell us that most men have roughly equal parts (both X and Y represented,) but without using a lab, we have no way to confirm this at home. Also, you can't see or tell what's going on in your reproductive tract so you have no way of knowing if you're getting the scenario that you want.

So where does this leave you? Well it means that you will have to control what you can and this often lies with the woman or with the mother to be. You can generally tell what is going on with her and her reproductive cycle when the man's is a mystery that you can not gauge. There are ways to test a woman's ovulation time and her PH and both of these things do affect the gender of your baby.

Timing And Environment: Why These Two Things Greatly Affect Whether You Become Pregnant With A Girl Or Boy Baby: Remember when I talked about the X and Y sperm chromosomes? Well, in addition to the difference in the gender that they will produce, they have many other differences that are worth mentioning. The girl producing X's are the stronger of the two. They are slower, but this generally doesn't come into play all that much because many of them are strong enough to live the entire time that they traveling to the egg. They thrive in both acidic and alkaline environments.

The Y's or those sperm that produce boys are faster in their travels. They move more quickly than the X's. But they need this advantage because they also die off much more quickly. Timing is going to be more important to them because they start their deterioration much more quickly after they are released into the reproductive tract. And, unlike the X's they do not thrive in any environment. In fact, they are quite vulnerable when they are faced with an acidic environment.

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That's why timing can come into play and be very important. If you want to have a girl baby, you will want to limit your conception attempts (meaning when you have intercourse) to the time period before ovulation. You do this not because you're concerned with the X's life span. You do this because you want to limit the Y's life span. One way to do this is by conceiving earlier.

And, if you want a boy, since this life span is shorter, you'll need to wait until you are sure that your ovulation has taken place. This is where one of those tools that I was talking about comes into play. Ovulation predictors are very handy in helping you to determine the best time to conceive.

Now let's more on to environment. Hopefully, I've shown you that an acidic environment is going to be fine for the girl producing sperm but quite detrimental to those that would give you a boy. If you find that you're acidic and you want a son, you can change this by your diet or by douching. And you can determine this by using PH testing strips, which is another tool that often comes into play.

Even though you have more leeway if you want a girl (meaning that the X's are OK in most environments) you will still want to make sure that you're acidic. The reason for this is that you want to take advantage of the fact that the Y's are so vulnerable when their surroundings are not the alkaline reading that they like. If you can eliminate many of them through the environment that you create, then you've increased your chances for a daughter.

One final variable that helps to affect your baby's gender are sexual positions. This variable sort of goes under the environment category. Because deep penetration will mean less time spent in whatever environment is present, this favors having sons. The opposite is true for shallow positions which allow for longer time spent before getting to the egg. Needless to say, this is what you strive for when you want a girl.

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Yesterday, I received an email from someone who told me that she had heard that eating oatmeal and other cereals would make a difference as to whether she had a boy or a girl baby, but she did not know which gender this favored. There are many factors that go into gender selection. Foods are only one of them. But, alone, the variable of eating many breakfast foods like cereals oatmeal would slightly favor a boy baby. However, as this is just one small variable when more can come into play, it's unlikely that consuming one food is going to be the deciding factor of your baby's gender. I will discuss this more in the following article.

Why Breakfast Foods And Alkaline Foods (Like Oatmeal) Are Said To Favor Baby Boys: There actually is an English study which indicated that women who ate more calories and more breakfast foods (particularly cereal) were slightly more likely to conceive boys. The word "slightly" in that last sentence is very important. Specifically, women in the study who ate more calories were 56% more likely to get a boy, compared to the 45% who got girls. And, women who ate more than two bowls of breakfast cereals per day, were more likely to have boys (59%.) So, these things give you a bit of an edge, but the statistics here are not overwhelming.

Another criteria I feel that I need to bring up is that oatmeal is a food that is alkaline. Most grains (like oats, rice, quinoa, etc.) will help your body to become more alkaline and less acidic. And an alkaline body and reproductive tract is another thing that favors boys. This is because the Y sperm that produces boys does not do too well or survive for too long in an acidic environment. With that said, oatmeal is just one acidic food and since you should have a varied and complete diet when you're trying to become pregnant, you should incorporate a wide variety of alkaline foods if a boy is your goal.

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Other Things That Can Affect Whether You Have A Boy And A Girl: Foods and your diet are one variable that you can control, but this is not the only thing that you can look at. Don't get me wrong. Diet and nutrition is important, but if this is the only thing that you're addressing, you're potentially falling short.

You can and should also address the timing that you use. By this, I mean that when you conceive in relation to when you ovulate is also equally as important. Remember those boy producing Y's who had difficulty with acid? They also have difficulty with longevity, meaning they don't live as long. So, if you want a girl baby, you can exploit this by conceiving before ovulation. If you want a boy, you'll want to wait until this day has passed.

The final criteria that you can control to your own benefit is the intercourse positions that you use. Now, remember that you only want to use these on the day(s) in which your PH and your timing are correct. But, on the right days, if you use shallow penetration, you'll make things more favorable to the sperm that produces female babies. And if you use deeper penetration, you'll give the boy producing sperm the little extra boost that they often need to overcome their vulnerabilities to time and acid.

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