Is your dog cranky before a grooming session? Does it wince, whine and pee during a professional pet grooming? Well, we all have been there! Every owner must experience an uncontrollable behavior of their pet during grooming. To be honest, there are very rare cases where you find a dog being totally cordial with a groomer. Some dogs start urinating by seeing grooming tools! So, before you take your pet grooming scissors for an awful ride, it is important to calm your dog!

But how should I calm my dog? What should I do to reduce his anxiety?

To begin with, there might be many reasons why your dog is anxious before a grooming session. One of the greatest ways to calm your dog would be to trick him into believing that Pet grooming isn't a scary thing! Instead, it is a fun and rewarding experience. You can start by taking baby steps. Introduce him to all the Best Dog Grooming Tools one-by-one. You can do this every day in order to make him comfortable with the tools! However, this might not be an effective solution for every dog. There are other tips which you can follow to reduce your dog's anxiety before a grooming session.

1. Take for a fun ride

Okay! So many dogs might detest the long car rides. If your dog loves a car ride, you are a lucky owner! But in case of ride loathers, there is a special trick to follow. To begin with, cars might encourage anxiety in dogs. It may be due to speed or just the thought of visiting a groomer might stress him out. Dealing with an anxious dog is quite a challenge even for a professional groomer. However, this condition can be countered by making him feel happy during the car ride. You can reward him with small treats. If your dog is nauseatic, consult a vet for anti-nauseatic medicines.

2. Train your dog

When it comes to dog grooming, the groomer must handle sensitive areas like ears, nose, groin, tails, and paws. If you are a Pet grooming at home, you can train your dog by making him comfortable with different types of touches.
If you are seeking a professional groomer, work with your dog before the session begins. You should whisper a word say 'ears' and the associated touch and reward him with a treat when he coordinates with you.

3. Create a happy environment while grooming

Whether you groom your dog at home or get it done from a professional, make sure to create a jolly environment while grooming. Dogs are extremely sensitive, and they can get out of control during a grooming session. However, you can make your dog used to a grooming session. While grooming at home, reward him with small treats. If you’re visiting a groomer, ask him whether you can visit the center with your dog for a casual stroll. You can discuss the behaviour pattern of your dog with the groomer and ask him to conduct the session by rewarding him.

4. Look for alternatives.

There might a few areas when your dog becomes violent or too nervous while grooming. For instance, if he is afraid of getting a bath, you can switch for sweet-smelling Dog Shampoo. Look for alternatives like ramps or stairs if he is afraid while you lift him up. You can also get him anti-slip mats if he dislikes slippery surfaces. If he doesn't like running water, get him facial wipes.

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