Adopting a small kitten or taking care of puppies born from their own cat is a wonderful experience. They need careful attention in the first months of life. It is the responsibility of the owner to give the kittens what they need to grow and develop well both physically and mentally. It is normal not to know how to care if this is the first time you have a kitten. In this article, we will explain how to take care of a kitten.

Adopt a kitten

If this is the first time you have a cat, you will have to prepare the house with everything the cat will need. Below we explain everything in detail:

Food bowl: do not put the food bowl too close to the water. Do not place it near the litter box. The cat may not eat because it is very picky. If you have more than one cat, everyone must have their own bowl and you will have to put them away from each other.

Water bowl: make sure it is always fresh and clean, otherwise the cat may refuse to drink. We advise you to take stainless steel bowl and keep it away from the litter box. As for the food bowl, if you have more than one cat you will also need more water bowls.

Rest area: put the kennel in a quiet place so that the cat can rest without being disturbed. Remember that rest is essential for the growth of the cat.

How long does it take the cat to get used to the new house?

The first few days are usually quite stressful for the cat, but also for the family that has welcomed it. If you see that he is scared and does not move from the kennel, you will have to be patient and handle the situation gently.

Try to lure him with food or move some stuffed animals in front of him to push him to play. Use a sharp and sweet tone of voice to talk to him. After the first days of shyness and insecurity you will see that the kitten will be looking for you.

During the night it is normal for the cat not to sleep well and explore the whole house quietly, when there is silence and no one is around. In this way he will understand where all his things are, like the litter and the food and water bowls.

Socialization of a kitten

If you have adopted the kitten from 3 months of age, the socialization process with other cats is already complete and if it has been done correctly it will not develop fear and aggressive behavior towards them. As the animal's master, you will have to continue the kitten’s socialization process with other stimuli with which the cat has not come into contact, like other animals or unknown people and children.

How to care for a kitten (basic care)?

Below we show you 5 aspects you shouldn't overlook when it comes to taking care of a cat.

Mental stimulation: Enriching the cat's spaces is essential to prevent behavioral problems as it helps stimulate his intelligence and avoid stress, anxiety and depression. We advise you to use multi-story scratching posts, boxes, active games or visual and olfactory stimuli.

Physical exercise: It is important to encourage it to also do physical activity to prevent problems such as overweight and obesity.

Moments of play and fun: A cat may lose interest in his games if nobody interacts with him. Remember that playing a little with the cat every day, especially when it is small, is essential to make it grow happy.

Love and affection: An animal will never be completely happy if it does not enjoy the affection and attention of a family that cares for him. The cat is an affectionate animal that loves to be pampered, remember that!

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