Writing an assignment, report, thesis, or an exam can be very challenging for most students. Not only does it put them under a lot of pressure, it also forces them to evaluate themselves as to where they stand, how much they know and how much justice they have done to their work. When a student hires an expert of assignment help , he knows it inside where he stands. Needing help with assignments isn’t wrong, but not putting in any efforts or even giving it a try will eventually take its toll on the student. And even if a student puts together a piece of work, if asked to rework, there he stands again – lost, unaware of what went wrong and what is supposed to be done.

So here is how to go about evaluating oneself when addressing rework comments. Not only will it help the students improvise their work and their skills, it would also inculcate in them a habit of doing it well the first time. Take a look:
Look Back At What You Did!
When beginning to address rework comments with self-evaluation, the first thing to do is to look back. See what went well and what did not. Where does the problem arise? Did you follow all the instructions carefully? How much information did you gather? Was it too less or too much? Did you manage to complete each part of the work? How much time did you spend on each part of the job? Was it adequate? Did you put in enough effort to put together the structure? What all skills were required and how many of them did you lack? Could you have done something better? Could changing the method of doing the work have produced better results? What improvisations can be made?
Asking yourself such questions will give you an insight into where you went wrong and what you can change? Also, read the rework comments carefully. What does your teacher suggests should be done and think about how to do it best.
Look Forward To How You Would Do It Differently This Time
Once you have analysed what your previous mistakes have been and having understood what is expected of you – go ahead to devise a strategy for doing it right and doing it well this time. Plan which all sections need changes and how to go about bringing those changes. Take assignment help in sections where you feel you need it and do not hesitate to consult your faculty. Evaluate what all skills that are required to do it right, you lack and try to give it your best shot.
Some Common Must-Do’s For All Projects
There are some common things to look out for in any write-up. Make sure your work has no spelling and grammatical mistakes. The required format must be followed. It should be neatly presented and for any borrowed material, proper references should be given.
Looking into a mirror and judging yourself critically isn’t easy. We all live in denial of our shortcomings but the progressive approach is to accept the shortcomings and work towards overcoming them. Learning to improve your mistakes and accepting what you lack will only push you forward in life and give you the chance to try and gain the skills and talents that will take you places in life. We are our best judge and it is only to ourselves that we cannot lie or hide. So bare out yourself to yourself and explore what is holding you from achieving your dreams!

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Emily helps students with their assignments, essays and dissertations, to help them get better grades. She has more than 6 years of tutoring experience in various management subjects. She did her MBA from the University of Queensland with marketing & International economics as her major. She has published several journals and papers as well on several management journals.