Just over three businesses are launched every second, or 11,000 per hour. That is 264,000 per day and unbelievably, 100 million annually, according to figures from GEM Global Report. So what happens to all these new businesses? You guessed it, most end up failing, in fact 90% within the first 5 years close doors. But that still means 10 million are successful. These successful startups are the future. So how are they aligning themselves with the biggest threats impacting our future?

Let's Talk Sustainable Business
Australia is a beautiful, natural country that is increasingly putting more emphasis on social impact. So naturally, the cities are packed full of startups that are constantly innovating to ensure a greener future. Established businesses are also on the move to greener operations, from simple changes like paperless invoicing and utilising bike couriers to eco friendly overhauls like implementing cloud based energy tracking programs.

One of the most interesting startups to wash ashore comes all the way from Slovakia. Kimbino was launched in Australia in 2018, and already operates in 31 other countries. This fast growing business is driven by young, savy Slovaks who are dedicated to helping people save money and time, while positively protecting the environment.

So what is Kimbino all about? Paperless promotional flyers.
While many love to plan their Groceries shop around the Aldi catalogue and scan through the latest Cellarbrations catalogue for discount prices on wine, have you ever considered just how many flyers, leaflets and catalogues get printed every week to be distributed to homes across Australia? Tens of millions of flyers are sent out only to end up in the bin less than a week later. Kimbino is on a global mission to change all that. Yes it seems that our love for a cuppa’ tea and reading a stack of promotional flyers is also a favourite pastime for everyone across the globe.

All the promotional flyers, all in one paperless place.
Kimbino.com.au is built for their target market, who are mostly mums and pensioners. Both these users don’t want to fuss around with a complicated website or app, so browsing with Kimbino must be seamless. The site is particularly built for fast navigation and search, helping users to locate the store quickly. Catalogues and flyers are published in high quality format, with important information about campaign periods included. Kimbino even curates best buys and top deals, to ensure that their audience don’t miss out on the best prices and discounts in stores.
The Australian site and app features more the 450 catalogues and flyers across categories including supermarkets, health and beauty, fashion, sports, electronics, home and garden and many more.

Here to stay, the paperless way.
While they are not the first to break into the online flyers trend, they are certainly becoming a fast favourite. Another serious contender in the online flyer business is Latest catalogues, who are always deliver up to date promotional flyers, with a quick search tools. Flyers on Kimbino are always up to date, and the user is not bombarded with ads like in other sites.

Everyone can be more green by going online and finding the best prices easily, and avoid buying things we don’t need by planning ahead of time. We have heard the term to be responsible we must live responsibly, and this is one way we can take action to a more responsible lifestyle.

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Written by Nicole Louise, a Sydney based lifestyle writer who spends her time between Indonesia and Australia.