All Dell Laptop Batteries are rechargeable, which for sure stops giving its performance, with the passage of time and use. As the time passes and extensive use, degrades the performance of the battery.

Dell claims that for a general user, the battery becomes weak in a period of 18 to 24 months. One who uses comparatively 4 times more than general users, will find that the battery will stop performing before 18 months. Hence, it is recommend by Dell itself, to purchase a new battery for your Dell laptop, when it needs to be charged in an hour or less.

However, you will come across non Inspiron Laptop Batteries in market. The manufacturers claim that they are compatible with your Dell laptop, but actually there is no such case. Your battery should be of Dell, as they are the only ones appropriate for your Dell laptop. In addition, the original manufacturer provides technical support till the hardware warranty is not expired.

The process to change Dell Laptop Batteries is simple and it will require just few minutes. Here is a guide for you on how to change a Dell Inspiron Laptop battery.

First of all turn off your Dell Inspiron laptop to begin with the procedure of changing its battery.

Step 1:

Close the screen and turn your Dell laptop in such a way that the bottom side is in front. At the backside, on the bottom, you will find the battery.

There will be a large plastic part, with joints around it, having signs that it can be removed. There you will see a latch, holding the battery, push and release it to slide the battery out of the system.

Step: 2

Now put the new battery at the same place in your Dell laptop. It is very easy to figure out the direction in which to connect the battery, as the receptor pins are only at one side of it.

Step: 3

Ensure that the battery is locked; if the latch does not go off back, than it’s unlock.
Gently, move the battery back and forth, so that the latch becomes flexible and locks the battery.

Step: 4

Now charge your new Dell laptop battery, by placing the adapter into a socket. Keep on checking the status on your system, on the right bottom of taskbar, which is shaped like a battery, in order to avoid over charging.

You are done with the steps involved in changing your Dell Inspiron Laptop batteries. Now take your laptop anywhere you want, after charging it, as the new battery is now ready to perform for maximum time.

Moreover, those having Dell laptops can also gain one of the best advantages offered. Basically, Dell has launched such laptops in the market, in which two batteries can be used and thus, this extends the existing run time of the battery, potentially. The second battery can be used in DVD/CD drive bay.

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I would recommend testing the Laptop Battery when you buy and confirm that these Dell Laptop batteries have a warranty and if yes, check validity.