As a success coach, I am often asked how to change your life. Sure the question comes in many forms, but the answer is always the same. The quickest way to overcome any challenge or to bring about any change in your life is by changing your thoughts about whatever it is that is giving you a hard time. Let me show you a simple solution that uses this principle to the max.

Dr. Wayne Dyer, one of my personal inspirations, tells a story about a man who has lost his keys. The problem is that it is dark in his house and he can't see a thing. So what does he do? He goes outside and looks for his keys under the street light where he can see.

Of course he doesn't find his keys there. But it is the easiest place to look, so that is where he tries.

When you find yourself struggling to overcome a challenge or to manifest your desires, ask yourself if you are looking for your 'keys' out under the street light? In other words, are you doing what is easy?

It's what we all do at some time or another.

But doing that never works out, does it? It never gives you the real results that you are looking for.

Sure, it's easier to look out there under the light, but the answer is not there.

The answer, the solution, always lies within yourself. It is not until you shift your attention away from all the external things, away from the blame, away from the excuses, that you begin to make real progress in your life.

It's part of taking responsibility for your own life.

The only person in the world who has the power to change your life in the direction you want is YOU!

It starts by changing your thoughts. If you are able to change the way you look at the events and situations around you, those events and situations appear to change.

By simply changing your picture of reality, by changing the way you think about life, you literally change the way life looks to you. After all, the reality that you are experiencing at any given time is only a picture, a tiny slice of what is really happening, filtered through your senses and your mind. In essence, you are only 'seeing' a tiny, tiny, tiny, piece of reality. Depending upon where you place your attention or focus, you will experience something different.

What Dr. Dyer is saying when he tells the story of looking for your keys under the street light, is that to change 'YOU', you must look inside yourself. You will never find the changes out there somewhere.

Looking outside yourself for the answers or solutions only drags you deeper and deeper into the mess that you find yourself in.

Want to get unstuck?

All you have to do is shift your attention to the real changes that you want to make.

Just change your picture of reality. That's all.

The reason that you feel the way you do is because at some point you decided that this was an appropriate way to feel in this situation. But you are not stuck with this response. If you don't like it you can change it.

You can change!

There is always a better way of seeing any situation, there is always a way of finding peace, there is always a way to find your dream. You just have to look for it and embrace it!

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