Nobody wants a person with a criminal mindset to work or live around them. It has been seen that people who are habitual law violators tend to commit crimes more frequently and are not eligible to live in society. There are numerous instances where a criminal upon release on bail or after completion of the sentence committed a crime again.

The percentage of people leaving the criminal activities upon release from the jail is negligible since in most cases gang members trace them and force them to commit the crime again. Drug trafficking is one such great example in which when a person becomes part of the drug racket then leaving it is like asking to get murdered by fellow criminals.

Criminals find it very hard to get rid of their lawless past and only a few fortunate people get to live an abstemious life. Because of this reason instant background check services have come into existence using which anyone can check the past criminal record of a particular person. This service is very helpful for companies and people looking to hire someone for a job. Criminal background checks thus provide the employer with a big sigh of relief because he can check the arrest records and other criminal activity records of the employee in no time.

But not all background check services are free because there are many States which prohibit people from getting access to the personal information of a person. Some background check services are free based on the type of records you want to see. The criminal background check is directly a matter of the State because there are certain regulations every State has in place with regards to the public access to the criminal record.

Types of background check services available for different situations are listed below:

• Criminal Background Checks
• Employment Background Checks
• E-Verify Background Checks
• Universal Background Checks
• Fingerprint Background Checks
• OIG Background Checks
• Professional Licenses Background Checks
• Credit Background Checks
• International Background Checks
• Personal Background Checks

Kind of information you can get from criminal background checks:

• Police arrests
• Convictions in court
• Type of sentence
• The verdict of the court
• Dismissals
• Parole etc. shows up.
• Personal information like height, weight, hair and eye color, aliases, identification marks (if any).

There are numerous ways through which you can check someone's historic criminal past:

• One way of doing it is to search the local courthouse records.
• The second way to do a criminal background check is to see if the state provides a statewide check.
• The third way of doing a criminal background check is by taking the help of a third-party website or company.

Generally, the background check service shows a record based on the type of background check done. For instance in personal background check below listed information generally shows up:

• Full Name and Aliases
• Criminal Records
• Court Records
• Traffic Tickets
• Professional Licenses
• Sex Offender Check
• Real Estate Records
• Financial Assets
• Addresses Current and Old
• Deep Web Information
• Bankruptcies
• Liens
• Phone Numbers
• Social Media Profiles
• Permits, etc.

You can opt for any of the three ways to check the historic criminal past of the person based on the purpose the information will be used for.

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