Its been known for decades that dogs are man's best friend so, before taking decision to own a dog for yourself, it is important for you to find out what type of dog breed will suit you according to your space and lifestyle. Several factors are taken into the consideration before taking decision to buy the perfect dog. We have given information regarding how to choose a dog :-

Lifestyle - If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, it is not likely a good idea to choose a dog that requires best of diet or who requires a great amount of care.

Size - According to the availability of space the size of dog can be decided. Large dogs like Doberman's, Mastiffs or German shepherd's will require spacious place to roam around. It will sound quite impractical if you have giant dog living in small apartment with your family. It will become quite difficult for you as well as for the dog to cope up.

Personality - It’s important to take your personality and lifestyle into account before choosing a dog for yourself or for your family. There are majorly two types of personalities in human. The first ones are those who like indoor activites and the second ones are those who like outdoor activities such as hiking, playing sports. There are dogs that can fit into either of these two personalities and lifestyle traits.

Keep Budget In Mind - Some of the finest dog breeds can be expensive, in regard of their diets, vaccinations, grooming etc. While making your mind which dog to choose, the budget plays essential role in that. A smaller dog can fit in your budget in better way better, or a mid sized dog can also be affordable. But if you are living very comfortably, by all means then you can choose or pick on any of your favorite dog breed.

Some dog breeds are suitable for families with small children, and some are not. If you have small children it is your responsibility to research dog breeds that are compatible for families with small children. Some dog breeds are perfect for families. But there are dogs that don’t like to be handled a lot. Most children will find it difficult not to cuddle or have playful activities with their dogs. Some dog breeds will be more prone to bark, or dig. If you don’t want these behaviors in a dog, research dog breeds before hand. All dog breeds require training, dog obedience, and leadership in order for them to be well rounded dogs. It is a dog owners responsibility to train a puppy to grow into a obedient dog. All puppies will test their boundaries. They all chew, dig, and bark to some degree. There is no such thing as a perfect dog.

In conclusion, while choosing a dog breed. Research dog breeds activity level, grooming needs, and dog behavior.

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