The rising temperatures due to global warming have increased the AC demand worldwide.World temperature increases in every year,so most families and offices use air

conditioner.There are a large number of factors that need to be addressed when choosing an air conditioner.These include effiency,purchase cost,running costs,noise

levels,reliability,brand etc.Air conditioners come in four main types: window units,through the wall units,portable units and whole house/central air units.Window

units come in three main flavors: double-hung windows,sliding windows and casement windows.There are few things to remember while choosing an air conditioner.

First of all,you should know exactly the sizes of the hall/room,and that’s because there are multiple air conditioners available.Some of them have a small capacity for

small rooms and some of them have a big capacity.Big capacity air conditioners are mostly used in industrial purposes and are only for hypermarkets,halls. You should

also consider- how many people will be living in that room,how many of the walls have windows and what is the usual temperature in a sunny day,when the room/hall is at

its peak of insulation.This is because,if the room has different characteristic than normal one,you need a air conditioner of little higher capacity.Some of the new

air conditioners have an electrostatic filter,it will remove extremely small particles from the air.

The compressor is the air conditioners most important component.It helps in the cooling process.Energy Efficiency Ratio(EER) is the measurement of how efficient a

particular air conditioning unit.Small air conditioning units currently have a top EER of about 11,and most of efficient large air conditioning units have an EER of

about 13.Cooling capacity of an air conditioner is measured in BTU/hour (British Thermal Units per Hour).More powerful air conditioner have a higher BTU.For example, a

room of 1200 square feet may need a 19,000 BTU/Hour and a small room of 150 square feet only need 5000 BTU/Hour.There are many factor that effects the capacity of an

air conditioner,and some of the are number and size of the window,any other electronic appliances are placed in the room and how many people use the room and normal

temperature of the room etc.Selection of the required size of air conditioner is an important factor and also need to meet the correct capacity . Small units are may

not able to cool the room on a hot day.Large units will cost more to operate the air conditioner.Large units cool the room quickly.

If you decide to purchase a new air conditioner,first consider what system best suits your needs - central air conditioning or room air conditioning.Central air

conditioners are located in one part of a building,and they cool the entire building.Room air conditioners have a smaller capacity and cool the single room

area.Central air conditioners generally provide the greatest comfort but they also cost more than room units A window unit air conditioner uses 500 to 1440 watts,

while a 2.5 ton central system uses about 3500 watts.A good quality Window AC starting at Rs- 10,000 and a Split AC at Rs- 20,000.

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