Going out to eat away from home can become a real odyssey if you do not really know where you want to go. The best thing that can happen to you is that you end up in a regular place where they put food not suitable for all tastes, not to call it detestable, at the price of Michelin Star.

We have all taken more than one scare with the quality and the price for choosing a restaurant that is not appropriate to our tastes and needs. And whoever says no, lies like a scoundrel or has not left home in his life. I just visited Ibiza, Spain and found this Ibiza restaurants website to find the best local restaurants.

What can be done to end up in the restaurant as a rule?


  1. Recommendations from like-minded people:  For me, the best way to choose a restaurant is to ask for references to people you know who have similar tastes to yours. The strangers, by many criteria and many restaurants that may know, will never know what you like.
  2. Learn well: We live in what many consider the time of information, so you will not find it hard to find thousands of references on restaurants to go. But you have to be careful with this point since not all the information is valid and you can end up in any inhospitable slum.
  3. Follow the guides:  Find the one that best suits your tastes and give you good surprises. I still remember a winch  on a lost road in Asturias, recommended by what was then Campsa Guide, that despite the bad looks I had I ate some delicious dishes. In the best known as Repsol or Michelin Guide you can find restaurants of all types and all prices.
  4. Try to book early: Be aware of these two conversations:
  • Are we going to eat there?
  • Where?
  • It does not matter, something we'll find out there ...


  • Did you book at the restaurant?
  • Oops, I forgot.
  • Let's see if they give us a table / It does not matter, something we'll find out there


Do you sound? Surely yes. So, you should know that after pronouncing any of these phrases you can be taken for annoyance. If you leave home after this talk it will be tremendously difficult to find something decent.

what not to do?

Equally important is knowing the mushrooms that should be eaten and which are poisonous. Well the same happens when choosing the restaurant , it is important to consider what we should not do when we want to eat away from home.

  1. Go looking for comments: Do not get me wrong, I think it's good to know the experiences of other people but the criteria differ a lot from one person to another. Just as a stranger has complicated recommending something according to your tastes, the users of the pages do not measure by the same standards as you. Also, it is not because of malmeter, I know of a site where not all the comments of all users are published, especially if they are negative.
  2. User ranking: Maybe it's because I do not like to do the same thing as others but I do not consider it a good option to go to a restaurant because some people have commented on it in a positive way. It can serve as an indication of the tastes of certain users but note that you have many opinions and that offer quality comments beyond the typical " I liked it a lot, I will return " or "what's the best place to go". Still, always pay attention to point 1 of what you do not have to do to choose a restaurant .
  1. Go to fashion sites: There are sites that become trend for a while and then do not go to the cats or eat the leftovers. Do you know any case? They are ideal for those who want to boast of having got a table in the most fashionable place in the city. However you have to be very careful because, in addition to being a headache to book, can become impractical sites with tables close together, a lot of noise and dishes that come out too run over the kitchen with a regular quality.
  1. Nice ≠ good: Confusing these two concepts seems the usual practice in many places. Do not let yourself be seduced by the decoration, the design of the menu and the name of the dishes, as many people worry about this before serving a quality product that, in my opinion, is the purpose of the restaurant.
Author's Bio: 

Angelina is a regular content creator at The Independent.