A home alarm is a good method of deterring burglars. Indoor surveillance, outdoor prevention, you can transmit notices to a surveillance company or notify the owner by SMS in your absence. Here are the best tips for choosing your home alarm.

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Schematically, a home alarm can be seen as a set of four different types of elements whose function is to detect and prevent the access of intruders and, more generally, to monitor different events that could occur in a home:

1. The sensors or detectors that will detect a certain event (gas leaks, smoke, etc);
2. The announcers that will make it known that an intrusion has occurred, utilizing sounds, light, or warning by telecommunications networks (message by phone, SMS, etc);
3. A terminal with the keyboard to configure or deactivate the alarm;
4. A central unit that coordinates this whole little universe.

What sensors to install?

The sensors will detect the unwanted presence of people. To achieve this, it is convenient to choose them adapted to the configuration of the home:

Motion detectors

This is what is called volumetric protection. If a person enters the field of action of these sensors, the alarm is activated. They can use an infrared system. It is usually placed high, in the upper corner of the room for maximum efficiency.

Door opening sensors

They constitute the perimeter protection of the house. Located on windows and doors, they trigger the alarm in case of opening if it is activated. With these sensors, it is impossible to break a window without being warned. They should be placed on the hidden door and window hinges, on the opposite side from the hinges.

Vibration sensors

They report suspicious activity by detecting the vibrations generated by an irregular manipulation of the lock, the breakage of window glass, etc.

What alarm systems exist

The purpose of the alarm is to know and make known that an intruder is entering at that moment and also to scare away undesirables. You can add the following elements to your alarm:

Inner siren

To deafen and make the thief flee. Its sound power is expressed in decibels (dB). The stronger it is, the greater its deterrent effect;

Outdoor siren with flashing light

To alert the neighbors. The presence of a thief translates into a sound and light worthy of Hollywood, which in no case will go unnoticed. To install it, you must ask your community for permission, since not all of them will be willing to authorize this element, which nevertheless is very effective;

Telephone transmitter

It is a connection to the telephone network that allows you to call one or more numbers programmed into the machine. It will depend on a fiber or ADSL connection;

GSM transmitter

More modern, you can also send SMS to alert people whose numbers have been preselected. It is necessary to insert a SIM card into the alarm and make sure that the network of the chosen operator is properly captured. It is a good option for a second residence or in business or industrial settings.

How to protect different areas of the house?

The answer is zoning. The alarm allows you to define locations where different sensors will be grouped. The zones can be selectively activated. For example, you can protect your basement at the same time and make sure that no one will force a window in your house without you knowing it, while you are inside watching TV. And all this activating only those two zones.

How to set an alarm?

Alarms are programmed directly from the keypad. The more options the alarm offers, the more difficult it will be to set. But don't worry: it is currently possible to do it on a computer in a much more intuitive way. This type of alarm can offer the possibility of remote control and/or access.

Preferably choose a modular system that is compatible with the detection elements you need to protect your residence. Make a list of your needs in terms of sensors and allow for future needs. If you have a home automation installation, it is interesting to associate it with your alarm to increase efficiency and deterrence power. Finally, a video surveillance center, in exchange for a monthly fee, provides a not inconsiderable added protection.

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