What is K cup Filling Machine ?

K cup filling machines are a small piece of equipment with a compact layout. The machine can produce a single-cup or a batch of varying sizes, and it features two different systems. The roll-film system is used for Bio cups with plastic or paper filters, while the auger filler provides simultaneous nitrogen injection. This machine is controlled by a servo motor and is capable of producing K cups, Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Lavazza, and other brands of coffee capsules.

It can be easy to use and does not require complicated learning. This machine is simple to operate, with a small footprint, and has two distinct systems. The roll film system uses a plastic foil or paper filter to prevent leakage. The auger filler injects nitrogen into K-cups simultaneously while using a servo motor.

A K cup filling machine weighs all kinds of materials, including liquid and granular materials. A machine of this type can also be used to measure coffee, instant powder, soy milk, and tea. It can even measure yogurt. The machine has a variety of settings, so it can fill any type of flavored coffee or beverage.


The structure of K cup Filling Machine

Parts of k-cup filling or sealing machines usually include a vertical capsule dropper and a cup sensor.The machine will not fill the slot if there is no cup in the cup holder.

Other parts include a ground coffee filler by the servo-controlled auger, edge cleaning for dusting off the excess product at the corner of cups, nitrogen filling tubes, pre-lid or roll-film type system in case of RN1S, a lid sensor followed by lid sealing, and finally capsule output followed by capsule sealing.

Rich set of functions

You can also use manual mode if you need to use another feature. Simply press the desired feature on your control panel and then press the green button to activate it and the red button stop it.The control panel has a touch screen that allows us to access the programming mode. Different functions can be run simply by clicking on them.

  • Drop cup function

Drop cup function can be selected manually, and the n auto mode starts functioning.A new screen pops up, which shows different functions that can be selected (turned off-on) such as speed, yield count, manual/auto, drop the cylinder, cup drop up/down, cup drop vacuum, cup test, and several cups drops after an absence of cups.

  • The filling function

The filling function will help you adjust the key ground coffee filling values/ranges for the machine.Pressing the button shows programmed functions like filling servo, topping device, stirring time, cup testing to topping, weight added (of the capsule, can be adjusted), filling servo, feeding subdivision (for material.

  • Vibrate powder function

Vibrate powder function can also be run manually or automatically. In auto mode, all functions will work, including tamping cylinder and vacuum sucking, and it also shows the amount of powder to be sucked.

  • Cup output function

When turned on further, allows access to cup count, conveyor belt, top of cup, out cup swing arm, creating a vacuum, swing delay, and cup count setting.

Advantages of using

A computerized control panel controls all the main functions of the machine.The control panel includes a touch screen, auto and manual operation button, a stop and emergency stop button, second heat seal button.The machine can run automatically or manually.For most cases, machines run automatically by pressing an auto button and pressing the auto button C -START.

In case you have to run a function manually, you can use manual mode and operate the desired function by clicking its button on the control panel.

  • Easy to operate

The machineis simple and easy to use because it is equipped with tools that are easy to learn without any complications.The machine has a linear model that helps its motor drive and controls the mold plate’s movement at the same time.

The small size and accuracy make it more popular among all k-cups coffee filling and sealing machines.

  • Powerful features

Besides k-cups, you can produce k-shots and similar products with the help of this machine.

Moreover, the machine allows you to fit k-cups of different sizes and designs because of its customized fit ability.It helps to achieve more functions because of its accurate positioning, which helps a lot.


  • High efficiency

If you want to save time and money, a K cup filling machine will be an excellent investment. The machines have high filling speeds and a large capacity, making them an excellent choice for commercial businesses. One model can fill up to 900 cups an hour and has a large filling volume. A higher capacity means that more product can be produced in less time. Another benefit of a k cup-filling machine is that it makes work more efficient.

A K cup filling machine should have a large capacity and high production rate. If the products are too thick, a pump-type machine will be necessary. For thicker products, a piston-type machine is necessary. A combination machine may require a pump-type filling machine. The efficiency of a K cup-filling system depends on the type of product being filled. If you plan to produce flavored drinks, you should choose a piston-type machine.


AFK’s K-cup filling and sealing machines are simple, compact, and linear in design yet have a better production rate and more accuracy than American and European k cup filling and sealing machines.Moreover, they can be placed anywhere you want and have a simple and easy working and operational process which helps the user.In addition, the machine produces more k-cups per minute while maintaining accuracy and fitting custom-size k-cups.

Considering AFPAK’s k-cup filling and sealing machines for your business would be a smart decision to make.

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