Choosing a new bedding pillow may seem like a straight forward purchasing scenario but if you want Buy luxury pillow, it’s worthwhile taking some time to consider what exactly it is you are hoping to gain from a new one. Have a look at our tips to help you on your way.

Find your favourite filling

There are several different types of pillow filling available, and you’ve already probably heard of goose feather and down pillows.

Generally speaking, feathers are larger, stronger and offer more support, while down is softer and loftier, providing an airy candy floss lightness. Although both goose and duck are high quality feather fillings, goose feathers are larger, softer and slightly rarer.

- Goose down feather pillows – at Dusk our pillows are a combination of both feather and down, providing a balance of support and softness. They are filled with 80% lofty goose down, 20% feather and covered in a crisp cotton percale.

- Duck feather and down pillows – the duck feather pillows at Dusk are made from 90% feather and 10% down, offering a different ratio of fillings. Again, they are covered in a cool percale cotton fabric.

- While goose feather pillows and duck feather pillows both offer luxury and comfort, for some, it is not possible to sleep with these pillow fillings due to allergies. Dusk’s ‘feels like down’ pillow range is made from 100% Microfibre which repels dust and airborne allergens. The outer pillow casing is also made from Microfibre to help keep irritants away.

Get the balance between softness and support

Both softness and support are important factors when it comes to choosing the right pillow. Consider your usual sleeping position, for example, are you a stomach sleeper? Perhaps you prefer to sleep on your back? Or on your side? Whatever, position you naturally fall into during sleep will need to tally with the pillow filling you choose. For stomach sleepers, you will be best with a flat pillow, for a side sleeper, opt for a thick and firmer pillow with plenty of support. If you sleep on your back for most of the night, then opt for a level of softness and support somewhere in between.

If you are looking to buy pillows from a reliable, quality and online luxury retailer, have a look at Dusk’s collections. Our duck down pillows and goose down pillows, are available in as standard and super king pillows and we have regularly discounts available.

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